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Anthem Senior Living is a luxury assisted living home in beautiful Anthem Arizona that has been serving its senior community

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Tag: award-winning Anthem assisted living

Jan 2019

Vital Information on Lewy Body Dementia and Assisted Living in AZ

Lewy body dementia is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease dementia. It is not only Alzheimer’s that account for the majority of cases of dementia, there are other types as well with Lewy body dementia (LBD) being one of them. LBD encompasses two clinical diagnoses: Parkinson’s dementia and dementia with

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Aug 2018

Eye Examination for Senior People on a Yearly Basis and Assisted Living in Phoenix

It is the tendency on the part of most senior adults to underestimate the importance of having a yearly eye examination which most of them feel to be an unnecessary exam. A senior person should remember that a yearly visit to the eye doctor includes more than just a vision test. The risk for a

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Jul 2018

Ways to Stay Cool during Summertime from Assisted Living Facilities in Phoenix

Summer for many mean beaches, hikes and sunny days, but one should not forget that it is also a time when many have to endure heat waves that can prove to be dangerous, especially for older adults, who are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures. There is no harm in enjoying the beautiful weather but keep

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Jun 2018

Having Friends can Keep a Senior Person Healthy and Assisted Living in Phoenix, AZ

Age brings with it a sort of isolation thus eventually leading to depression and health deterioration on the part of a senior person. There are no two ways about the fact that having a close circle of friends makes life more enjoyable regardless of the age of a person. Having friends also gives us all

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May 2018

Dance for Better Health for Senior People from Assisted Living Experts in Phoenix, AZ

Most people lead sedentary lifestyles these days. So, just the idea of exercising leaves many of them grumbling. There are a few exercises that can be really boring like walking on a treadmill or pedaling away on a recumbent bike. Both of them might be extremely good for the heart but like we said, can

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