Eye Examination for Senior People on a Yearly Basis and Assisted Living in Phoenix

14 Aug 2018

It is the tendency on the part of most senior adults to underestimate the importance of having a yearly eye examination which most of them feel to be an unnecessary exam. A senior person should remember that a yearly visit to the eye doctor includes more than just a vision test. The risk for a variety of eye problems increases with age and routine screenings can help detect a small problem prior to it turning into a bigger one. Not only that, an annual vision exam can also help to identify the presence of other health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you have senior family members suffering from mobility issues or memory problems, it is advisable to consider going for a senior living option with the best option being going for an assisted living facility such as the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ which consists of some of the most experienced and compassionate caregivers. It is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region. You can expect for your loved one to receive the best form of love and support over here.

A few of the health conditions that you can identify by scheduling a yearly visit with an eye doctor include:

Cognitive Decline– As per research, there is a link between mild signs of retinal vascular changes and cognitive decline. As per scientists, an annual vision exam can help detect these changes in their earliest stages, when symptom management may help slow the progression of the illness.

Diabetic Retinopathy– This is one of the primary reasons of blindness in adults. The sad part is that this is a vision problem that has no early warning signs and is mainly caused by damage to the blood vessels of the retina which can make them swell and leak fluid. A yearly eye exam will enable an eye doctor to dilate the eyes to look for signs of the disease.

Cataracts– The leading risk factor for cataracts is age and untreated cataracts can lead to vision loss and cataracts occur when the lens of the eye become less flexible. A few of the symptoms include blurred or foggy vision, as well as sensitivity to light. A very simple outpatient procedure can correct cataracts.

Glaucoma- This is a vision problem which can damage the optic nerve and lead to peripheral vision loss or a complete loss of vision and is mainly caused by a buildup of pressure within the eye. There are usually no early symptoms associated with it and a yearly eye exam can help catching it in the early stages.

At Anthem Senior Living, a senior’s wellness is a priority. We offer programs for our senior residents which plays a huge role in aging well.

If you are on the lookout for a private home in a quiet and renowned community, wishing for large and spacious rooms, looking for a home that has a great reputation or looking for a friendly and compassionate staff- Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ is the place for you.


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