About Us

Anthem Senior Living is the First luxury Assisted Living Home in beautiful Anthem Arizona that has been serving its senior community since 2003

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Our Medical Director

Dr. Napoleon Bravo, MD.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Bravo as our facility medical director. Dr. Bravo has over 20 years experience in the Geriatric field of medicine and had extensive experience with patients requiring end of life care. Dr. Bravo has incredible bed side manners and is very approachable. Dr. Bravo is extremely intelligent but does not boast. Your loved one will not only be in great hands, but you will always be able to get in touch with Dr. Bravo for any questions you may have. Having a methodical approach to patient care is key and Dr. Bravo prides himself on incredible patient care and advocacy.

Our Charge Nurse

Evie Justimbaste, RN BSN

For the last 5 years, Evie has been a crucial member of our team here at Anthem Senior Living. Evie has 22 years as a strong patient advocate who always does what is RIGHT for the patient. Evie with her background as a critical care and cardiac nurse brings so much knowledge and quick implementation practices that our residents depend on every day. Evie at her core is an educator. She is thorough and a great communicator. She has set an incredible high bar in the industry for all to follow.

Our Head Caregiver

Lupita Carrillo, CCG

Lupita has over 7 years experience as a full time caregiver. Anthem Senior Living, after many years and attempts to recruit her we finally welcomed her to the team. Lupita is one of those people you will not see lingering around doing the bare minimal. She has a passion for seniors and it shows in her daily work. Lupita is also an incredible cook who includes fresh nutritious ingredients to all of her meals that the residents rave about. Lupita is coachable and is always striving to learn more to be able to deliver better care to our residents.

Our Caregiver

Carlos Carrillo, CCG

Carlos is a local celebrity as far as the residents are concerned. His positive energy and laugh is contagious and lightens up everyone’s day. Although Carlos has 5 years under his belt working as a caregiver full time, you’ll never know it because he puts so much passion into his work everyday. He is physically fit but also mentally fit to handle the many struggles our seniors face psychologically. He has the patience needed and the willingness to serve that you can’t find easily.

Our Assistant Caregiver

Patricia Sanchez, CCG

Patricia is the newest member of our team. She has over 3 years experience as a full time caregiver. She always has a permanent smile on her face and the seniors at Anthem Senior Living recognize that as a universal language of love. We are beyond blessed to have Patricia part of the team. Our residents love how soft and gentle she is and how intuitive she is. Assisted Living in Anthem just got better!

Our Hair Stylist

Nancy Penrose

You would think after doing hair for 47 years you would call it quits! Not for Nancy – She absolutely loves her seniors at Anthem Senior Living and they look forward to the awesome job she does every week. Nancy services many seniors at their respective assisted living homes, but enjoys coming to ASL not only because of the residents but because it’s a welcoming environment. It’s clean, smells good and there is a positive energy in the air that you can sense when you walk in the door.

Our Entertainment and Activities Director

Valerie Rolando

Just about 7 years ago, we were lucky enough to bring Valerie (and her husband Anthony) in as our music doctors! Just about every they would perform relevant and timeless pieces of music that all the residents would embrace and sing along to! The benefit is measurable and the joy it brings to our seniors lives is priceless! Valerie now also is in charge of our weekly aerobics class, weekly bingo (with prizes) and then every week is in charge of our flower shop. This is where each residents part-takes in making a floral arrangement for their room. It’s the little things in life that mean the most!

Our Massage Therapist

Steffanie Fasbinder

Naturally, Steffanie is just about the most favored person at Anthem Senior Living. She brings to the table many years of experience as a massage therapist but it’s the passion and love for seniors that set her apart! Seniors recognize her love through her gentle touch and meaningful conversations. Steffanie comes out on a weekly basis everyone just loves her.

Our Manager & Owner

Sam Ile

Sam is an individual who has the right heart for this industry. Known in Anthem but it’s residents and business owners for a genuine and REAL person. From the very early age of 14, Sam started as an activity director in Assisted Living. His passion for the elderly stemmed from his up-brining in a large European family. His advocacy for seniors is unparalleled and his charisma is made evident the moment you witness him interacting with the seniors. Sam always had a passion for people although he graduated college at the age of 19 with a technical degree. Anthem Senior Living was the first Assisted Living Facility in Anthem. Purchased in 2001 and started by Sam’s family, Anthem came to love and appreciate the services ASL provided. In 2003 Sam purchased and took over the business and in his way made it into the sanctuary it is today. Over the years many Assisted Living Homes came and went in Anthem… most of them all stemmed from Anthem Senior Living. Sam attributes his success to Loving People and Loving God!