Yoga And Its Benefits For Senior People And Assisted Living Care In Phoenix, AZ

26 Mar 2018

It is essential for an older adult to include some form of physical exercise in their daily routine in order for a longer shelf-life. When it comes to healthy activities for seniors, there is no other activity that brings more benefits and peace of mind than yoga. Yoga does much much more than just relaxing the mind and enabling an individual in staying flexible. It is not only scientists who are making discoveries about yoga, more and more older Americans are turning to yoga practice because of its benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Do not be shy to try yoga. Approach Anthem Senior Living if you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or memory loss, over here they will be taken the best possible care of in the hands of the experienced caregivers. We are an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona.

There are many senior people who are fearful about practicing yoga which can be attributed to a few misconceptions that people have about yoga. Learning yoga offers benefits to all the three aspects of the self, one can benefit immensely from it. Here is a lowdown on the top reasons why seniors should enroll for a yoga class or why more and more senior people are making time for their yoga classes:

Yoga Is For All Ages– Yoga, basically is a highly personalized activity, it is not a flexibility competition. Even your yoga teacher will say that one should not feel the pressure to assume a pose that is uncomfortable. All in all, yoga works for people of all ages.

Yoga Can Be Practiced Anywhere– One thing which attracts people more towards this activity is its highly flexible nature. What we are trying to say is yoga can accommodate any personality type and any setting. You can practice yoga in isolation where you can roll out a mat in your bedroom in complete privacy or it can also be practiced in a group consisting of other individuals which is actually very fun. In a class environment, one can look forward to the camaraderie that one can feel with others as you assume the poses together.

Yoga Touches Every Aspect Of Health– There are no two ways about the fact that yoga touches all the three aspects of well-being which are:

Spirit– Yoga creates a sense of harmony and makes someone aware of spirit when incorporated in to the week. For stress relief, coping skills or a sense of balance, yoga is the go-to option.

Body– The poses one strikes while practicing yoga can improve the physical health in a great way although it does not cure diseases. It improves flexibility and strength and is very good for the overall well-being. Few poses can affect targeted areas in the body positively. For example, yoga’s breathing exercises in combination with poses like Mountain Pose and Goddess Pose can help open up your chest thus helping the lungs to function better. Seniors with back pain can benefit a lot from yoga. Inflammation also responds well to yoga which is good because inflammation is a symptom of many chronic diseases like heart disease and arthritis.

Mind– Yoga produces mind-calming effects which also allow the central nervous system in having some down time. It helps relieve stress and helps with focus and attention.

At Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, we are very much aware of the benefits of yoga for seniors. Our activities are designed to enrich the mind, body and spirit. We offer various types of programs to our residents in order for them to engage in every dimension of well-being. Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living and gain the benefits.


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