How To Have a Word With Kids About Alzheimer’s Disease From Senior Living Experts In AZ

19 Apr 2018

Alzheimer’s is a very serious disease which mostly affects people over 65 years of age. Alzheimer’s causes unpredictable days where a senior person might seem like themselves in the morning, but by evening, they may become agitated and anxious. This is an example of behavioral expression through which a person tries to indicate that they have an unmet need or desire. A parent or grandparent might remember the grandchild and call them by name some days, but they might not recognize the child the next time they see them which creates a kind of rollercoaster of emotions leaving the children feeling guilty as if they have done something wrong. It is important to take immediate action just as you notice symptoms which are indicative of the onset of Alzheimer’s.

It can be really difficult for you in handling or dealing with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, during such a circumstance it is advisable that you go for an assisted living facility. At a facility, your loved one would be taken the best possible care of in the hands of compassionate caregivers. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living where you can expect for your loved one to be taken the best possible senior living in Anthem care of in the hands of the trained wellness staff.

We are listing a few ways through which you would easily be able to explain the illness and its effects to younger children:

The disease– First and foremost, explain in details about Alzheimer’s as an illness which makes it hard for someone to remember things. They have both good and bad days because of the disease. If it is a bad day, they may act strange and not be able to remember people they love. But the fact is that they are still the same person who needs our love and respect.

Reassurance- You need to reassure your children that the changes that their loved one is experiencing are a part of the illness. Make your kids understand that it is not them who have done anything wrong.

Non-infectious– Your kids might become worrisome with the fact that one of you might “catch” Alzheimer’s like you would a cold or a flu. Make them understand that the disease is not contagious thus leaving no reason to worry.

Keep it Easy– Do not try and explain every nuance of the disease to your kids as they would most likely not want or need that level of detail. Talk about the illness from a broader perspective and in easy terms.

Alzheimer’s Association Videos– You can make use of the two videos created by Alzheimer’s Association which are “Kids Look at Alzheimer’s” and “Teens Look at Alzheimer’s” in explaining your kids about this illness. The good part about these videos is the fact that these videos feature children and teens who have experienced Alzheimer’s with someone they love.

It is also advisable on the part of the parents to create a list of activities that your kids can do with their senior loved one, despite the disease. Some of the activities include craft projects, music, dancing, bird watching, and sorting cards.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living and reap the benefits. We have special arrangements for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or other memory problems. We organize memory care programs for such people in order to ensure a better life for them.


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