Ways to Reduce the Risk of Having a Stroke and Phoenix Assisted Living Care

11 Apr 2019

Making modest lifestyle changes and living a healthier life can significantly reduce your risk of having a stroke. Although you cannot control everything that puts you at a risk of a stroke, especially if it is tied to your genetics, age, gender, race, etc. but you are in control of what you eat, how much you exercise and how well you care for yourself. Quitting smoking, monitoring your blood sugar, working to keeping your blood pressure in check, losing weight, treating cardiovascular disease, increasing exercise are some healthy lifestyle measures that can lower your odds of having a stroke. But you need to start early for these lifestyle measures to have more of a positive impact on your overall well-being. Before discussing about ways to reduce your stroke risk, here’s some information on assisted living facilities.

Assisted living or assisted care facilities have been designed for older adults who suffer from memory problems (Alzheimer’s, Dementia) or mobility issues. The facilities comprise experienced caregivers who offer round-the-clock care and support. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in AZ, if you are on the lookout for one such facility, look no further than Anthem Senior Living. It’s an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region. ASL has a long history in serving seniors.

Reduce your risks of a stroke:

Monitor Levels of your Blood Sugar– High blood sugar can contribute to blood clots by damaging blood vessels. Make sure to treat your diabetes properly. Consult with your physician for the right treatment and take any medication as prescribed.

Treat your Cardiovascular Disease– Heart is an integral organ for proper flow of blood. If you have any type of heart condition or any form of cardiovascular disease, do take it seriously and go for a checkup and treat it as per your physician’s guidance.

Keep Blood Pressure in Check– Consult with your physician with regards to the appropriate range for your blood pressure and how to safely lower it (if necessary). Reducing salt and cholesterol intake are a few immediate changes that can lower your BP.

Quit Smoking– Stroke takes place when the blood supply to part of the brain is suddenly interrupted or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, spilling blood into the spaces surrounding brain cells. Death of brain cells can be attributed to sudden bleeding into or around the brain or when the cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood. Quitting smoking will immediately reduce your risk of a stroke as smoking is one of the leading risk factors in forming blood clots.

Exercise More and Maintain a Healthy Weight– Eating a healthy diet and increasing exercise or physical activity can keep your blood pressure down thus reducing stroke risk. When it comes to exercising, don’t rush into it heavily if you haven’t been active for some time. Take small and gradual steps to get a routine in place and it is as important to eat heart-healthy foods.

You need to be proactive and follow these tips to reduce chance of a stroke. According to the National Stroke Association, 80% of strokes are preventable. Staying healthy, eating right, and regularly exercising are the core principals to help reduce your risk. Get started and change your life for the better. Consult with your doctor about strokes and discuss a plan to reduce your risk.


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