Ways to Manage Sleep Problems in Individuals with Dementia and Assisted Living in AZ

18 Jan 2019

Senior people with Alzheimer’s or a similar form of dementia tend to suffer from sleep problems which ranges from excessive sleep to no sleep at all for several days. Sleep problems in seniors with some form of dementia include Sundowner’s syndrome which can make it difficult to fall asleep, difficulty in falling and staying asleep, frequent napping during the day and more.

For seniors suffering from some form of a memory issue, it is important for them to be taken care of at all given times for their well-being. If you belong to the Phoenix region in AZ, you can book a suite at the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region.

Causes of sleep problems in older adults with dementia may be caused by changes in brain chemistry, or by changes in the body’s circadian rhythms. Some other problems include depression or grief, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. Consult your loved one’s primary care physician in order for him to rule out or treat any of the afore-mentioned causes.

Valuable tips for better sleep for your beloved:

As per the Alzheimer’s Association, sleep medications don’t necessarily improve the quality of sleep in senior people but following these tips can prove to be highly beneficial:

Keep your beloved engaged and involved throughout the day– There cannot be anything better than tiring them out. Keep your senior family members engaged in various activities and exercise throughout the day and reserve the hours prior to bedtime for quiet activities. This will lead to better sleep.

Set a regular schedule– It is important to have a regular schedule to promote healthy sleeping habits which not only applies for children but also for older adults. There should be a set time to wake up, set time to have meals everyday and one should stick to a consistent bedtime schedule.

Develop a pleasant environment– It becomes a matter of extreme importance to encourage a good night’s sleep for family members suffering from sleeping problems as a result of dementia. You can create a cozy room by providing with a soothing nightlight, using room darkening shades to block out early morning sunlight, and of course, removing all electronics as they tend to disrupt sleep patterns.

Eliminate the controllable causes– There are a few controllable factors behind sleeping problems like chronic pain, caffeine or alcohol consumption, prescription drugs and an uncomfortable bedroom. Assess if any of these factors could be contributing towards sleeping problems and if so, find solutions.

If the sleeping problems of your senior loved ones are becoming too much to handle, consider a memory care community for your beloved. The team of experts at Anthem Senior Living is here to help your loved one get a good night’s sleep.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix and rest easy knowing your loved one is getting the best care possible.


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