Ways Emotion Lingers after Memory Fails with Alzheimer’s in Phoenix, AZ

29 May 2018

With age, the risk for a person to get memory problems like Alzheimer’s or dementia increases. As per a study conducted by the University of Iowa, even when older adults with Alzheimer’s experience memory loss, their capacity to feel emotions of joy, grief, love, and more remains. If your loved one is suffering from mobility issues or if you notice symptoms that are indicative of the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia, then it is time that you take proper measures in order to ensure the well-being of your beloved. In circumstances like these, it would become difficult for them to carry out their daily activities smoothly, what they would need is assistance at every given time. The best option to consider in this regards is going for an assisted living facility such as the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona. It is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region consisting of some of the most compassionate and experienced caregivers.

Alzheimer’s impacts emotions:

Like we have already mentioned that a study was conducted by the University of Iowa which included just 34 older adults. Among them, half of the participants had early Alzheimer’s disease and the other half were considered to be cognitively and physically healthy. The study was conducted in order for the researchers to examine how long emotions linger after memory fails when an older adult has Alzheimer’s.


  1. The researchers started off by asking the participants how they felt during that precise moment, whether they were feeling happy or sad. After assessing and documenting the feelings of each participant’s feelings, they moved to the first part of exercise.
  2. In order to induce sadness, the participants were shown a few video scenes from film and television.
  3. After the completion of the sadness exercise, the researchers asked each participant the things that they remembered from the scenes and how they were feeling and the questions were repeated 15 and 30 minutes later respectively.
  4. The study resumed after a five-minute break when new video clips were shown and this set was designed to induce happiness.
  5. Then the same method of questioning was followed that they had for the sadness videos.

With passing of time, participants were unable to recall details from the videos. But it is especially how they felt that stuck with them. So, the study is indicative of the fact that emotions linger long after memory fails. All of this reinforces the fact about how important environment is for people with Alzheimer’s.

Promoting positive emotional experiences can help in boosting the spirit and a few ways of creating positive experiences for people with Alzheimer’s include:

  1. Music therapy and dance therapy with songs from the senior’s youth create happy feelings.
  2. Art therapy and craft projects boost positive feelings.
  3. Pet therapy which involves interacting with a dog, cat or watching birds are uplifting.
  4. Massage therapy can have a healing effect on a senior person and induce positive feelings provided the senior isn’t afraid of being touched.
  5. Cake baking that smell good has aromatherapy benefits that boost the spirit.

The above-mentioned therapies can prove to be beneficial for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. You can also go through the list of resources from the Alzheimer’s Association for more information.

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