Ways to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility in the Phoenix Region in AZ

14 Jun 2018

When it comes to senior housing, there are a lot many options available. But the sheer number of choices is something that is overwhelming, especially for families who haven’t been through this process before. When it comes to going for a senior living option, most families say that they do not know what to look for as well as how to start their search which keeps them from taking any further step with regards to their loved one. Out of all the senior living options, the best option is going for an assisted living facility such as the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona. It is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region which comprises of some of the most compassionate and experienced caregivers.

We are listing a few tips that you should consider prior to choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one:

Style of Facility– There are no two ways about the fact that each assisted living facility has its own unique personality with some being formal while others being quite relaxed. It totally depends on the comfort of your loved one. It is advisable that you take a tour of the facility and try and take your loved one along with you which will enable you in taking notes about each facility’s environment and culture that will enable you in taking the best decision for your loved one.

Type of Care– You need to make an assessment of the type of care that your senior loved one requires, how much care and support that they need each day, do you see some sort of signs indicative of the onset of dementia, does your loved one require assistance of a caregiver at all given times, etc. Assisted living might come across as a short-term solution but it is advisable that you consider going for an assisted living facility that offers both assisted living and memory care.

Opportunities for Enrichment– An assisted living facility offers the required opportunities to socialize and also participate in daily life enrichment activities. Like we have already mentioned that taking a tour of a facility is of extreme importance so a tour of a facility will enable you in observing the activities that they conduct for their senior residents. You can also go through the facility’s weekly or monthly calendar for the kinds of programs that have been scheduled. Also be mindful while taking a tour which will enable you in observing the residents and their activities like a card game, watching a movie, having coffee, etc which is an essential part of everyday life in a senior facility.

Caregiver Behaviors– Taking a tour of a facility will also enable you in observing the behavior of the caregivers towards the existing residents which can help you immensely in your decision-making process. Talk with the staff which will help you in finding about caregiver training and turnover. Anthem Senior Living consists of some of the most well-trained and experienced caregivers which ensures the well-being of our residents at all given times.

Change in Needs- A facility should be equipped in handling changing needs. A time might come where a senior has a change in health and in need of more permanent help- so you need to check whether the facility is able to handle those changes, or will your loved one be forced to move again.

Contracts and Documents– Make sure to ask for a copy of any contracts and documents in order to understand the type of commitment that would be required which can range from a month-to-month lease or a long-term commitment.

Pay a visit to Anthem Senior Living and take your time in making an informed decision.


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