Tools for Medication Management for Senior People and Phoenix Assisted Living Care

14 Mar 2019

It is very common for senior people to have several prescription and over-the-counter medicines that are required to be taken on a daily basis. The problem is staying on schedule with medication, it poses a challenge for seniors. According to research, 41 percent of older adults take five or more regular medications which makes it difficult to remember which one to take and what time to take them.

Significance of Medication Management:

Medication management is essential for successful recovery or continued management of a chronic illness or disease. It is even more essential to take the right medication, at the right time for seniors who take more medications than those under the age of 65. Individuals over 65 years of age or older are twice as likely to need emergency care for adverse drug reactions. Seniors who take more medications should be careful with not mixing them with anything that could cause adverse drug reactions. Using medication management devices or tools can prove to be beneficial for older adults who take multiple prescriptions on a regular schedule.

For older adults suffering from mobility or memory issues, going for assisted living care can benefit immensely. If you are resident of the Phoenix region in AZ and looking for a private home in a quite and renowned community, don’t look beyond Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region.

Some mistakes that older adults often make in relation to managing medication are failing to take a dose at the right time, taking excess or too little of a dose and forgetting in ordering refills.

Medication reminder systems or medication management tools include:

Automatic Pill Dispensers– These devices are portable that ensures safety by dispensing the correct pills on a set day or time through an alarm or reminder mechanism. They can be locked as well when not in use thus preventing the patient from taking the wrong pills and also preventing kids from accessing the device. You can also go for pill organizers which are available in a variety of styles and sizes online or at local pharmacies. A pill organizer is easy to set up. Not only do these organizers make it easy to know when to take each prescription, but also helps to identify the prescriptions that are required to be refilled.

Reminder Calls or Alarm-style Reminders– Giving a call or texting a reminder is a very simple way of avoiding a medication error thus ensuring senior safety. Alarm-style pill reminders allow to set daily alarms for designed dosage times thereby making it easier to manage medications.

Reminder Apps– Most older adults use smartphones these days that allow them to download apps. You can easily help your loved one download a medication reminder app which they can use alongside their pill organizer.

At Anthem Senior Living in AZ, we know the importance of medication management for resident wellbeing. Each of our resident has a designated caregiver who among many things ensure residents follow their medication dosage instructions. Visit us to learn more.


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