Tips To Manage Diabetes During The Holiday Season From Assisted Living Facilities In AZ

22 Mar 2018

The holidays are a time for festive celebrations and family get-togethers which comes with fabulous foods and alcoholic drinks. Additionally, there is the frantic pace of the season when regular exercise often fall victim to a busy schedule. All of this can lead to challenging days for adults with Type 2 diabetes who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for an assisted living facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona for your senior family members who may be suffering from mobility or memory issues, you can approach Anthem Senior Living which is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility consisting of some of the most experienced and compassionate caregivers.

One can easily enjoy the holiday season without having to sacrifice their health with some thoughtful planning. We are listing a few ideas over here that can help you or your senior loved one in managing diabetes effectively:

Organize Meals around Events– There are no two ways about the fact that holiday celebrations mean great-tasting food that usually isn’t very healthy and can be very much tempting for someone to indulge. For an individual with diabetes, that can be dangerous. What you can do in this regards is you can take a few minutes every evening to plan meals for the next day. You can also fill yourself up with pre-party snacks which will ensure that you are not overly tempted by unhealthy treats at holiday events.

If there is a luncheon scheduled for you or your senior family members to attend where food choices might be unfairly unhealthy, plan the rest of your day’s meals around it. If the party is scheduled to take place at a restaurant, you can pay a visit to their website in advance prior to reviewing their menu which will help you in easily determining the most diabetes-friendly option for you to order.

Moderation Is the Key When It Comes To Alcohol– Senior people who have their diabetes under control should most definitely speak with their physician about enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two during the holiday gatherings. As per your physician’s advice, you should make your decisions. It is not a good idea for someone who is diabetic to drink alcohol on an empty stomach or when blood glucose levels are low. A senior person can also opt for light beer or wine spritzer, both of which can help limit alcohol intake alongside reducing calorie consumption.

Schedule Proper Reminders– One is bound to go off schedule during the holiday season because of the festivities. As per nutrition experts, it is very much important for people with diabetes to stick to a strict medication schedule. It might become too late for a senior person to recognize that they are getting into trouble because many of the symptoms of a diabetic emergency are silent ones. In the hustle and bustle of the season, do not forget to adhere to your medication schedule which you can easily do by writing notes to yourself or by setting an alarm.

Also, test your blood glucose levels which is especially important if you have been indulging in treats and neglecting to exercise. Make sure to order prescription refills ahead of time as physicians and staff may take holiday vacations so refilling are very much important.

Holiday Travel– If you are thinking about traveling over the holidays, take at least double the amount of medication and testing supplies that you will need for the period of time that you will be gone. Also, make sure to carry a back-up supply. Also, ask your physician for a written order for your medicine which you should carry during the journey which can prove to be highly beneficial during times of emergencies if any.

A bit of planning on the part of senior people with diabetes can take them a long way in enjoying the holiday events to the fullest.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living and expect for your loved ones to get the best experience of their lives. Our facility has a history to raise awareness about Type 2 diabetes that affects as many as 27 percent of older adults. With our healthy dining options and wellness programs, seniors will be able to easily manage their diabetes. To know more schedule a visit at our facility.


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