Tips To Follow For Reducing The Risk Of Alzheimer’s In Phoenix, AZ

19 Apr 2018

Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 67 seconds in USA. The sad part is there is currently no cure for the disease and according to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number will soar to every 33 seconds by the year 2050 unless a cure is found. It can be very much difficult for a senior person suffering from Alzheimer’s in carrying out the day-to-day tasks, what they would require is assistance at all given times which one can only expect to get at an assisted living facility. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living which comprise of some of the most experienced and compassionate caregivers.

There is no specific cure for it but there are a few preventive strategies that can be helpful. We are listing 5 ways which can help in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Include some form of exercise in your daily routine
  • Keep on learning new things
  • Protect your brain
  • Manage your stress

These are some of the protective measures that can help in promoting healthy brain aging, as well as overall physical well-being until a cure is found.

Alzheimer’s or dementia remains a very real presence in senior living, as millions of Americans are affected by the disease. The illness even continues to lead to increasing demand for senior care. It is extremely important to understand this cognitive disease. As per The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 5.3 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease with that number projected to more than double by 2050.

Anthem Senior Living addresses the needs of people with memory loss or people with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia through its “Memory Care Programs”. Our Memory Care Programs works to treat residents with the comforting feelings of a familiar environment. Our caregivers are compassionate and well-trained to recognize each individual’s unique needs. Our wellness staff is cognizant of the issues that those in dementia care must face. Such understanding helps an individual feel more at ease, potentially leading to a better quality of life. We maintain individualized service plans for each resident with memory loss, detailing their specific preferences and requirements. Depending on the condition of the resident, our caregivers assist with social engagement, medication management, eating and other programming and activities he or she is involved in at the community.

Features Of Anthem Senior Living:

The senior health challenges that we work with are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, high blood pressure, companionship care, wound care, bed bound patients, Feeding Tubes/Picc Lines, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, falls, depression, etc.

Our senior friendly services include medical doctor on staff, registered nurse on staff, awake staff at night, weekly massage therapy, weekly hair and nail services, weekly Bingo and Fresh flower shop, 24 hour assistance provided by certified care giving staff, trained and experience in all levels of care, three delicious home-cooked meals prepared fresh daily, daily stretching classes, daily housekeeping and laundry services, quarterly care plan prepared by facility RN, flexible visiting hours, complete medication management and administration, so on and so forth.

Approach us and book a suite with us and give your loved ones the best experience of their lives. It is better that you take the correct steps if you have senior family members who are suffering from memory problems which will ensure a longer shelf life for them.


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