Things Seniors can do to Save or Protect the Planet and Phoenix’s Assisted Living Care

25 Apr 2019

Regardless of age, all of us share equal responsibility of protecting the environment. Steps like recycling home and garden waste and volunteering for organizations that helps saving our waterways can keep our planet Earth healthy for future generations. Today, we are going to focus on ways seniors can help protect the environment.

Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ works hard to protect the environment and encourages our senior residents to do the same. We look forward to improving our efforts every year. Senior health challenges we work with includes Dementia, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, companionship care, Lewy Bodies Dementia, wound care, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes and more. Anthem Senior Living is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region.

Tips to protecting the environment:

Reduce Plastic Usage– The hectic lives that we lead these days often lead many of us to look for ways that can make our lives a bit easier thus often making us turn to convenience foods and products packaged in plastic. There are no two ways about us creating a lot of waste on a regular basis from fast food packaging to plastic water bottles. Follow resources of reputed organizations that teach you how to reduce plastic pollution.

Steer Clear of Chemicals– Most of us have grown up or many people grow up using harsh detergents and chemical-laden yard products not knowing the damage they cause to our environment. The good thing is there are a variety of alternatives you can go for. Gain awareness about eco-friendly cleaning products that you can purchase or make yourself.

Vehicle Upkeep– Ensuring upkeep of your vehicle can also help protect the environment. For example, get your oil changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, drive at a reasonable speed, etc. These are some effective ways that can protect both your car and our planet.

Recycle– One can recycle much more than cans and bottles. Senior people sometimes have misconceptions about recycling programs. It’s advisable that you get in touch with your local government to learn what can or can’t be recycled.

Go Organic– It’s better to grow your own with gardening providing several mental and physical health benefits as well. An additional advantage that comes with vegetable gardening is waste and carbon footprint reduction. Moreover, vegetable gardening doesn’t take much space. For example, container vegetable gardens can fit in the corner of a patio or in a raised bed alongside a garage.

Organic food consumption supports good health. Organic farming eliminates the use of poisonous chemicals and protects soil, water, and wildlife from contamination and crop rotation keeps harmful insects at bay. It also conserves water and prevents soil erosion. The biggest benefit is organic farming also yields more nutritious produce which means lowered exposure to harmful chemicals on the part of seniors that makes them less vulnerable to disease.

Hope, you find this information to be useful.


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