Michelle Brendel,

21 Jul 2017

Finding Anthem Senior Living has been a Godsend for my mother and our family. She is in the unfortunate position of having to deal with an infection due to back surgery that has left her unable to walk, leaving her bedridden. We have tried numerous other facilities and have been disappointed in the care and attention my mother has received. Being she is completely reliant on someone for her care she is sensitive to the fact she takes up much of their day with her needs. It is a difficult task for a caregiver to perform these duties day in and day out without conveying a sense of annoyance or bother so the person receiving the care feels a burden. My mother is a gracious, sweet, and loving individual and she would never want to feel as though she were a burden on anyone. The entire staff at Anthem Senior Living goes out of their way to make sure my mother does not feel this way and to make her feel special. Along with the excellent care my mother receives, this fact above all is most appreciated. Thank you to all of you for being so truly empathetic and sensitive to her needs.


Types of Care Offered

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