Strokes in the Elderly and Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ

23 Oct 2018

Stroke is a serious life-threatening medical emergency. More than 800,000 fall victim to this medical event each year, the fifth leading cause of death in the United States with one person dying every four minutes. Strokes do not discriminate based on age, sex or race. As per the American Stroke Association, strokes are the second-leading global cause of death with its risk being the highest in older adults.

A stroke occurs when oxygen-carrying blood vessels in the brain burst or become blocked. Once the oxygen is cut off, brain cells begin to die, causing permanent damage. It is especially elderly people who suffer from poor sleep patterns, and who wake frequently, that are susceptible to developing hardened blood vessels that can impair the movement of blood to the brain. Prior to furthering our discussion, let us throw some light on the praiseworthy assisted facilities. If you have senior family members suffering from mobility or memory issues, it is advisable that you move them in an assisted facility in order for them to live a stable life. Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ is one such facility in the region. It consists of some of the most compassionate caregivers. You can expect for you loved one to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

Stroke symptoms come on suddenly without any sort of warning. The term “FAST” can easily help you recognize the common stroke symptoms which are:

F for Face- If you notice a droop or uneven smile on a person’s face- it is a potential warning sign.

A for Arms– Another warning sign is arm numbness and weakness. Ask the required person to raise their arms, it’s a warning sign if the arm drops down or isn’t steady.

S for difficulty with Speech– Slurred speech is indicative of the fact that the individual is having a stroke.

T for Time– Time is of essence if someone is experiencing stroke symptoms. Call 911 without any delay as this is the fastest way to get help.

Additional symptoms of stroke may include:

  1. vision troubles, in one or both eyes
  2. numbness in limbs, most likely on one side
  3. overall fatigue
  4. trouble walking

Some of the symptoms of stroke in women include:

  1. fainting
  2. general weakness
  3. shortness of breath
  4. confusion or unresponsiveness
  5. sudden behavioral change
  6. irritation
  7. hallucination
  8. nausea or vomiting
  9. pain
  10. seizures
  11. hiccups

There are three types of stroke:

  1. An ischemic stroke which is a blockage in the artery.
  2. A hemorrhagic stroke is caused by a blood vessel rupture.
  3. A ministroke, or transient ischemic attack (TIA), is a temporary blockage in the artery. Ministrokes don’t cause permanent damage but they do increase the risk for stroke.

Ways to Prevent Strokes:

The best treatment for stroke is to prevent it in the first place itself:

  1. Eat more vegetables, beans and nuts.
  2. Include some form of exercise in your regular routine
  3. Quit smoking and tobacco use
  4. Drink alcohol in moderation
  5. Take prescribed medications for conditions, such as high blood pressure, as directed
  6. Limit intake of sodium, fats, sugars, and refined grains


  1. Gain awareness on the topic
  2. Educate family and friends about “FAST”
  3. Always have a copy of your medications handy
  4. Teach your children how to call for help

Hope, this information proves to be beneficial for you on the eve of World Stroke Day. Take necessary measures to reduce your risk.

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