Spicy Food Health Benefits and Senior Care in Phoenix, AZ

26 Sep 2018

You can obtain a lot of benefits from eating spicy food, the list is long and intriguing. Before furthering with our discussion, let us shed some light on assisted living care and support.

If you have senior family members suffering from mobility issues or memory problems, they would require assisted care to live a stable life. You can expect to get such level of care at an assisted living facility such as the award-winning Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ. We have some of the most compassionate caregivers who ensures your loved one receives the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

The senior health challenges that we work with are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, high blood pressure, companionship care, wound care, bed bound patients, Feeding Tubes/Picc Lines, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, falls, depression, etc.

As per health magazines, there are a number of health benefits associated with eating spicy foods. Some of the benefits include:

Reduces risks for Cancer– As per researchers at Harvard University, eating spicy food was linked with reduced rates of cancer. Capsaicin may work to kill cancerous and leukemic cells. In the same way, curry, turmeric, mustard seed and even pepper have been shown to slow the spread of certain cancers and tumors. Capsaicin and other active ingredients in chilies and other spicy foods promotes weight loss and reduces blood pressure and inflammation thus significantly reducing the risks for many types of cancer.

Healthy Body– Better your cardiovascular health with spicy food. As per scientists, cultures with the spiciest cuisine tend to have much lower rates of heart attack and stroke which can be attributed to the fact that the active ingredients in spicy food helps reducing damage caused by cholesterol while also reducing inflammation. Through hot sauce or other add-ons, you would be able to eat more vegetables and other healthy foods. Apart from that, there are many veggies that are naturally hot that have vitamin A and C. A compound found in chilies called capsaicin has been shown to help the body burn extra calories which means spicy foods can help you in losing weight and in maintaining a proper weight. Capsaicin is also associated with good sinus health and may promote better blood flow.

Heartiness– Recipes containing plenty of hot spices can actually promote mental as well as physical wellness. Eating spicy food boosts the body’s natural production of beneficial substances like serotonin (a hormone which helps to reduce stress and depression).

It is only benefits that you will obtain by eating spicy foods. Even adding a small amount of red pepper, cumin, coriander or any other spice to a dish can offer a bit of capsaicin. One not used to eating spicy foods may face problem in tolerating high heat in the first place. Look for creative ways to add a bit of spice to your day without setting your taste buds on fire.

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