Signs that your Senior Loved Ones Need Assisted Living Care in Phoenix, AZ

08 Jan 2019

A senior person may find it difficult to carry out the basic tasks or the routine tasks on their own, but they will hardly admit. They tend to hesitate to ask for help, fearing that they will be placed in a nursing home and that their independence will be compromised. Most older adults are very fearful of confiding in their children because of fear of an overreaction on their part. You need to observe your loved one carefully. If you think they are showing signs of needing extra help, the first and the best step to explore are assisted living facilities for 24×7 care and support.

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Signs that your loved one may need assisted living care:

  1. Check for unexplained bruises as bruising can be a sign of difficulty balancing and walking, leading to impaired coordination and falls.
  2. Weight loss is another sign which is indicative of a poor diet which can be attributed to depression, forgetfulness or even dementia. Leading a stable life for a senior with memory problems can be challenging.
  3. Non-maintenance of personal hygiene is another sign which becomes increasingly difficult to maintain with age. If you somehow feel that an unpleasant odor is emanating from your beloved, it could be due to lack of bathing, whether because of a lack of capability or forgetfulness. Your loved one may be embarrassed to admit they need help bathing. Handle the matter with sensitivity.
  4. Look around the house and check its condition. Is the house messy; has the mails, bills and newspapers piled up on the table; is there spoiled food inside the refrigerator and more. Observe everything carefully as older people sometimes can come off as functional but might actually need extra care.
  5. For checking the leg strength and balance, assess the senior’s ability to rise from a sitting position, find out whether it is easy or difficult for him. This will help you evaluate whether your loved one needs a helping hand for activities like exiting the bathroom to prevent accidents.

With age, people tend to become isolated which can lead to depression. Assisted facilities can help mobilize your loved ones, taking them outside on walks and to the store and serve as companions. Signs of depression includes

  1. Mood swings
  2. Lack of interest in activities especially hobbies
  3. Missing important appointments which can be due to disinterest or absent-mindedness.
  4. Absent-mindedness or confusion with once-familiar, daily tasks, people or places.
  5. Shirking responsibilities such as paying bills.

Confronting a senior person in relation to whether they need assistance can be a difficult task but convincing them that they need professional help is all the more difficult which should be handled with love and sensitivity.

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