Seniors Participate in Holiday Decorating at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix

15 Nov 2018

The residents at Anthem Senior Living recently participated in the holiday decorations. Each and every one was happy and cheerful while doing so. There are no two ways about the fact that creating something always feels like a productive way to spend time. In addition to that, when the creations can become holiday decorations or gifts, it is all the better. Some simple holiday crafts can turn an independent living or assisted living facility into a place full of cheery holiday atmosphere and leave residents equipped with items they can give to friends and family.

If you have senior family members suffering from mobility issues or memory problems, they would require 24 hours assistance for living a stable life. If you belong to the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living. It is an acclaimed Anthem assisted living and senior living provider in the region. Anthem Senior Living has a long history in serving seniors with our home being the runner up for the best managed assisted living home in Arizona.

Here’s a list of a few holiday crafts for older adults that are fairly easy to do which can lead to wonderful festive results.

Fall Foliage Candleholders– This craft involves going out to collect some of the most beautiful leaves around with colorful leaves being one of nature’s best decorations.

Felted Acorns– Beginning with some simple acorns will end up in you getting a colorful decoration everyone can enjoy. You can decorate them in the traditional fall colors as well. You can switch to red and green with Christmas around the corner.

Christmas Candy Containers– This craft can lead to an impressive decoration. Moreover, having candy available for visitors and friends is a familiar holiday tradition for many. These can be used to hold peppermints, gumdrops, or any sugarless candy that’s recommended for the seniors in your facility.

Homemade Christmas Cards– Cards may seem old-fashioned but family and friends are much more likely to appreciate them if they are given a personal touch. There are a lot of different directions you can take with crafty homemade Christmas cards like scrappy holiday cards, pop-up Christmas tree card or Holly sprig card.

A Thankful Tree– A thankful tree will provide everyone around an opportunity to add their own items to it, listing off the people and things in life they’re most appreciative of which can stay up the whole holiday season.

Christmas Bow Wreath– It’s simple to put together a Christmas wreath made out of gift bows which makes for a nice Christmas decoration.

Hope you find this information to be useful.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living and give the best experience to your loved one. An entire medical team will be behind your loved one ensuring proper care and paying close attention to their health.


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