Senior Washroom Safety Tips and Phoenix Assisted Living Facilities

27 Dec 2018
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Seniors are prone to falls than others with bathroom being one of the number one places for falls to take place. Bathroom safety should be at the top on the priority list for people with older adults in their house. Preventing falls is one of the simplest ways to help seniors live a longer and healthier life.

Bathroom safety is all the more important for senior people suffering from memory or mobility issues. In such circumstances, it is best to consider going for an assisted facility where caregivers are specially-trained to assist seniors with bathing and other bathroom needs. If you are on the lookout for such a facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the well-acclaimed Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region. The senior health challenges that we work with are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, high blood pressure, companionship care, wound care, bed bound patients, Feeding Tubes/Picc Lines, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, falls, depression, etc.

Few valuable tips to update your washroom for optimal safety for your beloved:

Raised Toilet Seat– You just need to purchase one and align it over the existing toilet.

Safe, non-slip surfaces– You can either go for special non-slip mats by placing them on the bathtub or shower floor or can simply use a spray-on product in the tub, shower floor or tile floor.

Grab Bars– The best way to assist a senior person with rising and sitting is by installing grab bars next to the shower and toilet. An alternative to grab bars is floor-to-ceiling tension poles for spaces where the former isn’t an option.

Shower Bench– Adding a shower bench enables a senior to sit while showering thus preventing falls. It requires no installation and leads to a much safer bathing experience.

Hand-held Shower Head– For seniors, a hand-held shower would be more convenient in place of a high shower head which can significantly lower the risk for falls. A hand-held shower will enable a senior in moving the shower head to clean themselves rather than them having to move.

Night Light– It is recommended to have an automatic, LED night light always plugged into the wall in the bathroom to prevent running into objects thus preventing injuries.

Walk-in-tub– Expect for your beloved to obtain the safest bathing experience with these tubs which may seem a bit overpriced for you. These tubs will allow seniors walk directly into the tub instead of stepping inside.

Keep Dangerous Items tucked away– Some of the items that can be dangerous include cleaning supplies, razor blades, scissors, etc. It is better to remove them, or a senior might get harmed.

Water Heater Adjustment– One should be careful with adjusting the water heater temperature as a senior may accidentally scald himself.

Non-slip Bath Mats– You can also cover the entire bathroom tile floor, with a non-slip bath mat material. It is a very effective bathroom safety measure.

Incorporate a Bell System– Keeping a bell system clicker near the shower or tub to alert the caregiver can prove to be highly beneficial for an older adult in the face of an emergency scenario.

If you are looking for a private home in a quiet and renowned community consisting of a friendly, compassionate staff at the same time- look no further than Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ.


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