Senior Eating tips from Caregivers at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix

12 Sep 2018

The food pyramid changes as we age. It’s a useful, visual tool created by the USDA to educate Americans about the proper balance of food groups to eat and also reminds us to eat more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods. Few changes have been made to the food pyramid which is now a ‘plate’ and mainly referred to as “MyPlate” that comes with two versions: one for people over 50 and one for younger people. The fact is dietary recommendations change as we age and today we are going to base our discussion on this.

Equipped only with the friendliest of staff, Anthem Senior Living has a long history in serving seniors. With unsurpassed expertise and the quality of love and service, our home is the runner up for the best managed assisted living home in Arizona. At the award-winning Anthem Senior Living, get all the comforts of home while an entire medical team is behind your loved one ensuring proper care and paying close attention to their health.

Here are nutritional recommendations based on the MyPlate suggestions, which again are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

Thirties- The way you approach nutrition in the thirties can set the pace for decades to come. This is the time to move away from the unhealthy snacks you may have enjoyed in your 20s which means no more donut in the afternoon and skipping that bag of chips with lunch.

Forties- Forties means most people are at the height of their careers and child-rearing. Nutrition takes a backseat to family and career in living life in the fast lane. Your years of eating junk food should be far behind you by now since your metabolism is beginning to slow down. It is advisable to cook meals from scratch. You should consume more lean protein and fruits and vegetables.

Fifties– This is the time to reconsider the traditional notion of three large meals per day because of the changing metabolism. Keep pace with a slowing metabolism by eating smaller portions more often throughout the day. Make sure to keep up your exercise routine which you can do by performing some essential physical activities. Running might not be as much fun on the joints so find new ways to stay fit for the rest of your life.

Sixties- This is the time when an individual should stay in touch with the doctor for food interactions especially if one is taking any medication. Try and stay hydrated at all given times. Some of the fluids that make an appearance on the ‘MyPlate for Older Adults’ are water, tea, soups, vegetables, and fruits.

Seventies and Beyond– It is important to stay mindful of good nutrition at this stage. Additionally, it’s essential to good health that you stay active. Find an enjoyable exercise for yourself, then do it at least 3 – 4 times per week for 30 minutes to boost your cardio fitness and maintain lean muscle mass.

MyPlate was mainly designed for people to improve their diets. Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ strictly adheres to the MyPlate guidelines. Our residents enjoy a pleasing selection of healthy, appetizing meals prepared with important nutritional guidelines in mind. Learn more by visiting our facility once which will help you to make an informed decision for your loved one.

The senior health challenges that we work with are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, high blood pressure, companionship care, wound care, bed bound patients, Feeding Tubes/Picc Lines, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, falls, depression, etc.


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