A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Dangerous For Senior People In Arizona

06 Feb 2018

It is very important to incorporate some form of physical activity in the daily schedule especially for senior people for good health benefits, failing to do so might endanger your health. Modern living has made us all in leading a sedentary lifestyle and the sad part is inactivity tends to become even more of a problem as we age. Caregivers who look after older adults, know about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle thus promoting better health. All these things are taken care of in the award-winning Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona. We arrange for various types of activities for our senior residents to participate in order for them to stay active for their well-being. You can expect for your loved ones to receive the highest level of Anthem assisted living care in the hands of our compassionate caregivers. The senior health challenges that we work with are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, high blood pressure, companionship care, wound care, bed bound patients, Feeding Tubes/Picc Lines, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, falls, depression, etc.

If you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or are facing memory problems, then it is advisable to go for assisted living for your loved ones. So, let us get back to our discussion on how leading a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for senior people.

Older Adults Are Susceptible To Inactivity

There are a lot of benefits of exercise, especially for older adults which keep the joints active and improves the mood, it is important for senior people to get up and move around each day. But for senior people, that can sometimes be a challenge. Chronic health conditions and age-related symptoms make it difficult in enjoying any type of physical activity. No form of physical activity on the part of a senior person can lead to a whole lot of medical problems.

Benefits Of Exercise:

Lack of exercise is not just about seniors missing out on the benefits of staying active. There are actual dangers that may exist when older adults sit for too much of the day. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is as bad as or worse than smoking.

Dangers Of Living A Sedentary Lifestyle

Trouble In Performing The Daily Activities- The body not getting enough physical activity leads to loss of lose lean muscle tissue thus leading to increased difficulty performing the activities of daily living like cleaning, eating, taking bath, dressing, gardening, etc. For older adults with arthritis, a sedentary lifestyle is associated with swelling of damaged joints and increased pain.

Higher Risk Of Heart Disease- Sedentary lifestyle is as bad as or worse than smoking. As per the researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia who studied 32,000 women over 20 years, it was found that physical inactivity did far more damage to the heart, even more than smoking.

Higher Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes– After having a meal, a person should perform some form of physical activity as not using the muscles after a meal means that the body doesn’t process sugar properly thus leading to increase in risk of high blood glucose levels which is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

Depression Is Very Likely- Physical activities have mood-lifting effects which don’t change with age, it is important for senior people who are prone to depression to be active.

Bone Loss Advances- Leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to poor bone health. It is important for senior people to stay active- especially with activities that promote strength — which will help encourage bone growth.

There are health risks attached with being sedentary for too much of the day. Start looking for ways in order to add more movement to the day. Include some of physical activity in your daily routine but it is also important to consult a physician who would devise an appropriate physical routine as per the health conditions of a senior person.

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