Safety Measures for Seniors after a Fall and Phoenix Assisted Living Care

07 Mar 2019

Falls is a major cause of disability and serious injuries among senior people. In the United States, a senior is treated for a fall every 11 seconds. There has been an increase in falls among older adults which can be attributed to medication errors and poor nutrition. After experiencing a fall, there is more to an older adult’s recovery other than physical rehabilitation. A fall tends to break a senior’s confidence and regaining the confidence is integral to their recovery. Before going ahead, read to know more about assisted living facilities.

Having a senior family member suffering from memory or mobility issues would require round-the-clock care and support for him to live a stable life. It often becomes difficult on the part of family members to provide 24 hours care and support to their loved ones. The best option in this regard is opting for an assisted living facility like the award-winning Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in AZ. Equipped only with the friendliest of staff, ASL has a long history in serving seniors. You can expect for your loved one to receive the best form of assisted living Anthem care and support. An entire medical team will be behind your loved one ensuring proper care and paying close attention to their health.

It can be quite traumatic for a senior person to fall as it brings along both painful physical injuries and fear. Falling tends to shatter the confidence. Being family members, through following these tips you can help your beloved regain their confidence:

Search for a Rehabilitation Program– Conduct a research to find the most experienced rehabilitation center in your area. All of them aren’t same, it will be totally worth driving to a center that is far away in order to find the best rehab center. It is important for you to understand the provider’s track record for success regardless of what you choose- a rehab center, a short-term skilled nursing or an outpatient rehab center. Rehab center of the highest quality is what is required for your loved one to gain back their strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Affirm their Emotions– A senior person getting back on their feet is bound to be fearful of walking. It is a legitimate fear. The best thing for you to do is recognizing and validating that they have a right to be afraid.

Say “Bye” to a Sedentary Lifestyle– A senior who has experienced a fall tends to limit their activity for fear of falling again. But it is important to stay active as a sedentary lifestyle causes muscle loss, cognitive decline and balance issues. Regular physical activity protects core strength and balance thus helping to prevent falls.

Carry out a home safety audit– Carrying out a home safety audit is one of the most effective ways for your beloved to regain their confidence. Home safety audit will enable you to identify potential fall hazards around the home and rectify them. All in all, it will enable you to create a safe environment through grab bars, improved lightings, etc.

Considering short-term respite care at an assisted living facility can be immensely beneficial especially if your senior loved one is too scared to go home alone following their hospital or rehab stay. The environment at an assisted facility has been designed to support older adults and help them gain strength and increase their confidence.

Schedule a visit at Phoenix’s Anthem Senior Living and make an informed decision.


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