Plan a Smooth Transition to an Assisted Living Facility in Phoenix, AZ

23 May 2018

Moving to an absolutely new environment is difficult no matter what age you are. We are talking about a senior person’s move to an assisted living facility in this regards. Assisted living communities have gained immense prominence lately which can be attributed to the quality of care that they provide to clients suffering from mobility issues or memory problems. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, if you are looking for an assisted living facility, the award-winning Anthem Senior Living is the place for you. You can expect for your loved one to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support in the hands of compassionate and experienced caregivers.

Like we were discussing, transition to a new place is difficult for an individual regardless of his or her age, it becomes all the more difficult for a senior person. The weeks leading up to the move can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. It is basically the change and uncertainty that often comes with moving that makes it more difficult to process for older adults. The senior people or this generation lived in the same home for decades which poses a huge challenge infront of them when the time for transition arrives because of what they may be leaving behind. Their house may hold a lifetime of memories spent with their children, spouse and grandchildren.

There are a few ways which you as family members can do on making the transition smooth to an assisted living facility on the part of your senior family members:

Prior to packing the first box, there should be proper planning.

Employ the Best Practices for Downsizing- It is often a struggle for families to figure out the best way to downsize a senior loved one’s home which can make the weeks and months leading up to a move more stressful than is necessary. It is recommended that you research online and ask your friends for any advice that they may have. Research the best practices which will help you with everything from designing the new place to clearing out the home.

Plan for a Housewarming Party– Planning a party is another very effective way which can help ease the transition on the part of your loved ones. But you need to talk with the concerned people at the facility whether they allow such things and if they do, do ask for their help in making all the arrangements.

Get Involved– It will be better if you start participating in life-enrichment activities and other community events before the moving day which will encourage your loved one to get involved in their new senior living facility. Do ask the staff if family members are allowed to drop by for lunch or dinner which will not only enable you to meet your beloved but also will enable you in knowing the other residents. This can also help ease their anxiety when moving day arrives.

A Familiar Environment Recreation– Your senior family members are likely to settle in more quickly if their new environment looks and feels more like home.  Make sure the furniture and household belongings they treasure most find a place in their new assisted living apartment or suite.

Be Prepared for Bumpy Times– There are bound to be some bumps along the way, despite the best efforts. Things are bound to go wrong, some days will be emotional. You will have to remind yourself and your beloved that it is a normal part of this transition. The good days will far outnumber the bad as time will pass and your family member settles in.

For more information or to book a suite, contact Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona.


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