Naturally Manage your High Blood Pressure from Senior Living Facilities in Phoenix

29 May 2018

Hypertension, which is more commonly known as high blood pressure can be quite serious as it is linked to heart disease, stroke, and even some types of vision problems. But the good part is that high blood pressure can be controlled naturally without any sort of medication. As you all must be knowing that it is lifestyle that impacts blood pressure and by making a few changes, it is possible to reduce the need for blood pressure medication.

If your senior family members are suffering from mobility issues or memory problems, they would require assistance at every step in carrying out their day-to-day activities smoothly. The best option in this regards is going for a senior living facility. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living where you can expect for your loved one to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

We are listing a few natural remedies for managing high blood pressure:

Eat Healthy– Most physicians recommend a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet or a Mediterranean-style diet for patients struggling with high blood pressure which focuses on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and limited amounts of dairy. As per researchers, a healthy diet can help in lowering the blood pressure by as many as 8 to 14 points.

Maintain a Healthy Weight– It is quite a tough task on the part of most individuals but shedding even 10 pounds of excess weight can lower your blood pressure. Weight loss also increases the effectiveness of blood pressure medication.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption– Drinking not only increases blood pressure but also reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medication. Consult your doctor with regards to how much alcohol is safe for you to consume. One drink is typically the limit for seniors.

Quit Smoking- Smoking not only causes lung cancer but also is linked to high blood pressure. In fact, smoking can elevate your blood pressure by as much as 10 points for a full hour after a bout of smoking. Not only that, you should also avoid secondhand smoke because inhaling secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking.

Physical Exercise- Physical activity is a natural way of reducing blood pressure. Most people lead a sedentary lifestyle these days, it is important for an individual to include some form of exercise in their daily routine which one can begin by walking 10-15 minutes a day and increasing from there. You can also go for swimming which is another senior-friendly exercise which can help to lower blood pressure.

Managing Stress- Yes, it is true, stress can play a huge role in increasing your blood pressure. The hectic lifestyles that we have these days, many of us don’t even realize when we are feeling stressed. It is very important to be mindful of the physical symptoms that include headaches, stomachaches, etc. Knowing the signs of stress can help you to get to the root of what is causing it which will enable you in taking the necessary steps in addressing it. Activities like meditation, yoga, etc can work wonders in reducing stress. Learning breathing techniques can also prove to be helpful.

There is a helpful online tool by the American Heart Association that can help you in checking the risk factors associated with high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke. This can put you on track for a longer and healthier life.

To learn more about Anthem Senior Living, pay a visit at our facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona.


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