Misconceptions that People Have about Older Adults in Phoenix, AZ

06 Sep 2018

The misconceptions that people have about older adults are far too many which range from false ideas about seniors and technology to the stereotype that older adults are lonely and grumpy. It is advisable that people spend some time at an assisted living facility or a retirement community to know the real truth.

Today, we are going to bust some common myths about aging. But before that, let us throw some light on what an assisted living facility actually is. An assisted living facility is a place where older adults suffering from mobility issues or memory problems are provided round-the-clock care by experienced caregivers. One such acclaimed senior living facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona is Anthem Senior Living. You can expect for your loved one to receive the highest level of Anthem assisted living care and support over here.

Some of the common myths about aging include:

Older people have poor health.

Fact: Although there are some undeniable physical changes caused by aging, poor health cannot be attributed solely to age. Lifestyle plays a huge role in determining aging with success. One can age really well by staying socially connected, performing some physical activity and consuming a healthy diet.

Senior People Cannot Handle Social Media.

Fact: As per experts, sixty percent of older adults use the internet. Older adults make up the fastest growing demographic on some social media platforms, including Facebook. They are quite social-media savvy.

People get Grumpy with Age.

Fact: As per research, happiness actually begins to increase at age 50 which can be attributed to the fact that people tend to be more content with their life and are in touch with who they actually are at this stage.

Senior People can’t learn New Things.

Fact: There is no age to learn something new, age is just a number. People are of the notion that the brain shrinks which makes it difficult to adapt and learn. While some other people are of the notion that physical changes like hearing and vision loss make learning tough during senior years. Experts say that seniors’ brain might actually find ways to compensate and work around some losses in cognitive function.

People Become Stubborn with Advancing Age.

Fact: Most families with older adults have this complaint about their senior family members that they are often stubborn. Actually, what a senior person is trying to do is maintain their independence which families mistake for stubbornness.

Hope we have been successful in bursting a few myths about aging. If you are a caregiver for a senior person and looking for more information on senior aging, look up the internet or follow Anthem Senior Living’s blog section.

Book a suite for your senior loved one at Anthem Senior Living and see how they go on to live a happy and healthy and long life.

The levels of care offered at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ includes long term care, elder care, dementia and memory care, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Care and Respite Care.


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