Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Seniors and Assisted Living in Phoenix

20 Dec 2018

This is the party season so maintaining proper health through diet can go for a toss. This time is especially challenging for seniors who have Type 2 diabetes. It is extremely important for senior people with Type 2 diabetes to eat well and stay fit by following an exercise plan. It is better to stay prepared by making smart choices in order to enjoy the holidays without having to worry for the health.

If you have senior family members with memory or mobility issues, it is advisable to consider an assisted living facility to ensure their well-being. Your loved one would receive round the clock care in such places in the hands of experienced and compassionate caregivers. Equipped only with the friendliest of staff, Anthem Senior Living has a long history in serving seniors in the Phoenix region in Arizona. It is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region.

Ways for seniors with Type 2 diabetes to stay healthy:

Regular Exercise– It can be tempting to skip working out now that the big day is coming closer. But for anyone with diabetes, exercise is an important part of maintaining health. Include and perform some form of exercise on a regular basis. Make it a priority to exercise first thing in the morning which can range from walking, riding a stationary bike to yoga, or Pilates. Consult your primary care physician who will help in finding the most appropriate exercise which can help older adults in improving strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.

Eat Well– When it comes to holiday eating, moderation is the key. Planning daily menus becomes all the more important than ever at this time. You may be attending a lot of holiday gatherings but make a concentrated effort to immediately return to healthy eating. Don’t give excuses about why you went off track during a meal or so.

Smart Choices– Obviously, you won’t be having any control over the menu at holiday parties and events, but you can learn what choices are healthier which holds true with everything from what you drink to which appetizers you choose. Eat a small, healthy meal prior to going to a holiday event. Drink water with lemon. Stick to light beer or dry beer if you wish to indulge in alcohol. When it comes to food, fruit, vegetables, turkey, chicken, and nuts are some of the best options.

Check your Health/Go for Checkups– Most desserts served at holiday gatherings are often laden with sugar, fat and calories which means you can easily gain weight if not paying attention. For adults with diabetes, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy weight. Go for checkups with a primary care physician to assess your heart disease risk. It is as much important to monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living for your senior loved one and give him the best experience. We plan our menus as per the health requirements of the residents.


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