Managing Arthritis During The Winter Season From Assisted Living Caregivers In Phoenix

20 Feb 2018

The winter months are considered to be brutal specifically for the arthritis sufferers who add up to around 50 million adults alone in the USA. As the temperature drops, the level of pain increases. Prescribed medication can help ease the symptoms but there are many people who are reluctant to take it which can be attributed to the side effects of arthritis medications which include upset stomach, swelling in the feet, bone loss, increased appetite, and more. Arthritis can sometimes make even carrying out the smallest tasks difficult which can range from eating, dressing up (buttoning a shirt to bending over to tie the shoes) to toileting, etc- in such a scenario it is always advisable to go for an assisted living facility in order for your senior family members to be taken care of in the best possible way by qualified caregivers. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living. It is an acclaimed assisted living Anthem facility in the region which consists of some of the most compassionate and experienced caregivers.

There are a few natural ways for relieving the pain and symptoms of arthritis which are as follows:

Healthy Weight Maintenance- One should keep the extra pounds off specifically older adults with arthritis. Every extra pound one carries around places an additional 3 to 4 pounds on the knees which means losing pounds translates into less pressure on the knees.

Exercise– Exercise can help reduce the pain of arthritis. If, because of icy walkways, you are facing difficulty in taking a daily walk outside then consider activities like chair yoga and swimming in order to keep your joints flexible.

Healthy Diet- Food choices can play a huge role in making arthritis symptoms better or worse. Avoid foods such as refined carbohydrates and refined sugar which can prevent joints from getting inflamed as these foods are known for causing inflammation. Add inflammation-fighting foods which can help in reducing swelling. Some of the good food choices include berries, grapes, tomatoes, pineapple, fish, and nuts.

Alternate Hot With Cold– Alternatively place ice packs and heating pads on painful joints which can help you in finding relief. The ice can help with the swelling whereas the heat may provide pain relief. Consult your doctor with regards to how often and for how long to use each one.

Consume Green Tea– Green tea has many healing properties with one property being, it can help to block the chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. Give a try to a few cups of hot green tea each day.

Warm Up Joints- Warming up joints can lead to lower levels of pain. Apart from alternating between a heating pad and ice packs, a hot bath or shower can reduce symptoms.

When an individual suffers from arthritis, carrying out the little things becomes difficult like gripping a pen, buttoning a blouse, opening a jar, etc. But there are scores of devices available that can prove to be beneficial for you in carrying on with your everyday pursuits inside and outside of the house:

In The Bedroom– Stainless Steel Shoehorn (helps in putting on shoes without having to bend over); Good Grips Button Hook (for buttoning/unbuttoning shirts or blouses).

In The Bathroom– An electric toothbrush; a raised seat (in order to easily get up from the toilet).

In The Kitchen– Chopper; Toastmaster Chopster Mini Food Chopper lets you slice and dice without a knife — just push the bottom; Swiss Magic makes jar openers that are useful for tightening and untightening lids.

Book a suite at Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona and gain the benefits.


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