What Makes Assisted Facilities Stand Apart From Nursing Homes In Phoenix, AZ?

14 Sep 2017

In the earlier times for senior care going for the nursing homes was the only option but with time things have changed and many new options have come to the fore for better senior care, assisted facilities being the best option out of all. An assisted facility can house a number of people all under the same roof where an individual caregiver is assigned to the assistance of a particular client who makes sure to take care of all the needs of the client at all given times. It was in the early 90’S when assisted living was initiated for convenient living and better care for the senior people. You should be careful with the selection of such a facility, choose a licensed one and always pay visit to the facility prior to shifting your parents or grandparents to the place. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona then you can consider the senior living in Anthem option by going for the award-winning Anthem Senior Living. Read on to know more about what are the things which makes an assisted care home stand apart from the nursing homes:

• Firstly, nursing homes are for severely ill patients who would require medical assistance from doctors for recovery whereas the assisted facilities are for senior people who might be having memory problems or are suffering from mobility issues which means they would require assistance to get through the day which the caregivers in the facilities are well-trained to provide.

• A senior person having problem in carrying out the basic day-to-day tasks such as toileting, dressing, etc can pose a challenge to the family members who are most probably not-equipped to deal with such scenarios. But the assisted facilities would do the needful which is quite unlike the services provided in a nursing home.

• The nursing homes lack privacy where the patients are required to share the same room unlike an assisted care home where a senior person can choose from the many well-furnished suites or apartments and personalize it as per his or her taste. In such a place your loved one would get a home-like feeling which will make his or stay comfortable at the place.

• Various types of activities are arranged in the form of exercise classes, movie nights, etc for the clients for them to stay cheerful at all times unlike a nursing home where staying for a period of time can prove to be dull and boring. Happiness leads to faster recovery which is why every senior person comes out healthy and happy from an assisted facility.

• The assisted facilities comprises of a number of well-trained caregivers who assists in carrying out various tasks like laundry, housekeeping, cleaning, cooking meals, etc. Then regular get-togethers for all the residents are arranged which also provides them with an opportunity to socialize. Round the clock assistance is provided to the clients unlike in a nursing home.

All in all from the above mentioned points the conclusion that can be drawn is that assisted facilities are far better than nursing homes for senior living in every possible way. A particular facility would draw a chart in terms of the needs that a client would require and accordingly would go ahead with taking care of that all through their stay. To book a suite and for more information get in touch with Anthem Senior Living.


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