Helping An Elderly To Manage Pre-move Jitters To An Assisted Facility In Arizona

22 Jan 2018
Anthem assisted living care

Moving or shifting or a sudden transition from one place to some other place can be tough at any age. For the senior people, it can cause an emotional turmoil which can cause anxiety which mainly stems from the fact of relocating and leaving behind their family home. It is a whole lot of memories tied to a house which makes it difficult to leave it behind. Most people who have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or memory problems think about going for an assisted living facility for all the life-enrichment opportunities that a particular facility offers. You should be careful with selection of a facility. If you are looking for one in the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can get in touch with the award-winning Anthem Senior Living. You can expect for your loved ones to receive the best level of Anthem assisted living care and assistance.

As the day of transition gets closer, stress and anxiety often increase. There are a few tips that can help you and your senior family members through this transition:

Respect The Sentiments– When you are working through the process of downsizing and relocating, you should be respectful towards the sentimental attachment that you beloved might have for certain belongings. Do not force them to part ways with these mementos which can increase their nervousness. Pack these things and place them in your loved one’s new apartment or villa.

Familiarity With The New Place– When shifting to a new place, families often buy new furniture and décor for a loved one who is making the transition but for senior people, they like sticking with familiar things. So you should shift their familiar chair, familiar end table and lamp to the new place which will help them in feeling at home faster.

Have A Sense Of Humor- While preparing for the transition, things are bound to go wrong along the way no matter how carefully you prepare, try and laugh of the small inconveniences. You being worried can increase the anxiety levels of your loved ones. The days to the transition day may be hectic but remember that this is the only time that you will be getting to spend meaningful time with your family members.

You can even ask the facility to provide you with floor plans of the new space if they can. It can help you in making an assessment of the furniture or belongings that a room can accommodate. Accordingly, you can then decide on what things to shift and what not to shift.

Get in touch with Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region and book from the range of well-furnished suites. You can expect for your senior family members to receive the highest level of care and assistance in the hands of our compassionate caregivers. Just give your family members the best experience of their lives by going for an assisted facility.


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