Health Problems in People after 50 and Assisted Living in Phoenix

08 Nov 2018

Some ailments can announce themselves suddenly and painfully when an individual is past 50. Today, our discussion is going to be around sudden health problems after 50 years of age.

It is advisable for you to move your senior loved one in an assisted living facility is you have senior family members suffering from mobility issues and memory problems. Such a person would require round the clock care and support for living a stable life which one can only achieve at an assisted facility. If you belong to the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region. Our caregivers are compassionate and experienced.

Health problems after 50 includes:

Heart Attacks– A 50-year-old man has a 1 in 2 chance of getting heart disease at some point with the most common signs being chest pain, shortness of breath, and pain in the back, shoulders, or neck. One might also feel sweaty, dizzy, or like you’re going to throw up. Quitting smoking, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight can significantly lower your risk.

Stroke– Stroke occurs when blood doesn’t get to parts of the brain like it should, and those brain cells start to die with the symptoms being sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arms, or legs, losing the bearings or getting confused, and having trouble speaking. One should get help right away for survival. Keeping the blood pressure in check, managing stress well, eating a low-cholesterol diet, exercising and quitting smoking can lower your odds.

Aneurysm– This happens when the wall of an artery gets weak and bulges outward which can lead to serious internal bleeding or a stroke with some of the symptoms being pain, nausea, dizziness, clammy skin, and a rapid heartbeat.

Acute Pancreatitis– It’s the inflammation of the pancreas, which makes enzymes and hormones like insulin that help with digestion which causes severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and a fever, and can be life-threatening. Some of the causes include heavy drinking, high levels of calcium, or a kind of fat called triglycerides.

Broken Bones– This can happen at any age, but bones become brittle as one grows old and are more likely to break. A loss of bone is known as osteoporosis, and it’s especially common in older women. Calcium and vitamin D can help slow it or stop it from getting worse.

Detached Retina- The retina is a light-sensitive layer in the eye that tells the brain what one sees. If it pulls away from the outer wall of your eye, it won’t get oxygen and other things it needs. It is important to see the doctor right away as one may permanently lose their eyesight. It’s mostly common in people who are very nearsighted or have had cataract surgery or other eye diseases.

Kidney Stones- These are hard clumps, usually made of calcium, that form in the kidneys. Larger ones can be extremely painful whereas smaller ones usually pass harmless out of the body. It can cause bleeding or may block the flow of urine. It is important to drink plenty of water in order to prevent kidney stones.

Pneumonia– Older people are more likely to get pneumonia because the body’s immune system gets weaker with age. But, there’s a vaccine available.

Gout– It’s a form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. The risk is higher for people who take medications for high blood pressure, eat red meat and shellfish, and have more than two alcoholic drinks a day.

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