Handling Behaviors of Dementia and Anthem Senior Living in AZ

21 Nov 2018

One of the most challenging aspects of dementia or other neurological conditions are changes in behavior. Family members need to understand changes and typical behaviors which also holds true for care teams to respond in a way that shouldn’t take away from the quality of life of the individual.

If you have a senior family member suffering from memory problems, take proper and immediate steps. They would require round the clock care and support for leading a stable life. Such type of care can only be obtained at an assisted living facility like Anthem Senior Living, an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the Phoenix region in Arizona.

Characteristic behaviors that individuals with Alzheimer’s or Dementia may experience include:

Restlessness– Some typical behaviors include pacing or drumming the fingers nervously at great length. The individual can easily be distracted with music, with touch, the person should be allowed to pace. Try to be near your loved one if pacing occurs at similar times of day.

Wandering– An individual with Alzheimer’s may leave home without assistance which puts an individual at an increased risk of becoming lost. Wandering can be prevented by:

  1. Adjust locks on outside doors so they are out of reach
  2. Paint doors to blend with walls
  3. Include walks and regular exercise in the daily routine
  4. Divert their mind towards a different activity.

Becoming Suspicious– Individuals with dementia more likely experiences feelings of suspicion such as others stealing from them or planning to hurt them. Being family members, you need to provide reassurance. Do not get aggressive, provide comfort in a non-argumentative way.

Becoming Aggressive– Your loved one may start shouting or striking others, you need to remain calm in such a situation. Provide reassurance as well as a distraction if possible. Try to cool him or her down by looking for the possible cause behind the anger.

Repeated Activities- These are typical activities. You need to be calm in such a situation. Change the topic and distract the person with simple activities like folding laundry or sorting, etc.

Remember, some of the common triggers for Alzheimer’s aggression include discomfort, pain, being overtired or side effects of medication. Environmental noise, clutter or chaos can also lead to aggression. Do not ask too many questions at a single time. Try to anticipate triggers to the best of your ability in order to avoid situations in which the person may become uncomfortable, over stimulated, or confused. Individuals with dementia could greatly increase their quality of life with early diagnosis. If you are a family member or caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s, be certain to seek assistance for yourself if you are experiencing frustration or depression. Look after yourself first, then care for others. Seeking professional help in this regard is advisable.

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