Handling Anger of a Senior with Alzheimer’s and Assisted Living Care in AZ

19 Mar 2019

A challenge that most caregivers for a friend or family member having Alzheimer’s disease encounter is what to do and ways to handle when they express anger. Caregivers often get intimidated by a sudden angry outburst on the part of a senior which may seem like a senior deliberately being difficult. But it isn’t true. The truth is seniors with Alzheimer’s find anger to be the only avenue for conveying that something is not right. Alzheimer’s tend to impair the verbal communication skills which makes it difficult to express unmet needs, fears or frustrations. They find anger to be the only way to seek attention and being heard.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other vital mental functions. It accounts for 60-80 percent cases of dementia. The disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys the thinking and memory skills, eventually the ability to carry out the simplest of the tasks. If your senior loved one suffers from the disease, he or she would require round the clock care and support to be able to lead a stable life. He or she would require assisted care and support. You can consider an assisted living facility in this regard. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in AZ, you can consider Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region.

Levels of Care offered include

  1. Long Term Care
  2. Elder Care
  3. Dementia & Memory Care
  4. Alzheimer’s Care
  5. Respite Care
  6. Parkinson’s

First and foremost, you need to get to the root of the problem to help your loved one with Alzheimer’s manage their anger. You need to understand the triggers to take steps to prevent putting them in situations that might cause anger. Some of the common causes of anger in individuals with Alzheimer’s include change in routine, a noisy or chaotic environment, hunger or thirst, exhaustion, confusion or fear, lack of sleep, crowded environment, unfamiliar place or people, being in pain or discomfort, loud sound or background noises, frustration due to not being able to communicate, etc. Some medications can cause anger or anxiety as well. It is advisable to review your loved one’s medicine with their physician or pharmacist to determine.

Ways to handle or calm your loved one down:

Soft Music- Music is known to soothe the soul, and that also includes adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Create a playlist of songs your family member enjoys the most and use it to calm them down.

Validate their Feelings- Validate their feelings by letting them know that you are there for them and that you understand their concern. Do not use a loud, authoritative voice, be soft and calm.

Need of space– Give them the space as adults with Alzheimer’s might just need a little time and space to cool off. Let them pace and shout until their anger reduces.

Take them Outside– The fresh air and soothing sounds of nature can be key to calming them down. Ask your loved one to accompany you in taking a quiet walk outside.

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