Hair Care Tips for Seniors for Staying Stylish and Assisted Living in AZ

30 Nov 2018

Our hair is a thing that changes as we age apart from the many other changes that take place. But caring for hair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Many of the top hair-related concerns include color, condition and thinning which can easily be managed.

If you are looking for a private home in a quiet and renowned community, looking for a home that has great reputation, looking for compassionate staff- Anthem Senior Living is the place for you and your senior family members. Anthem Senior Living has a long history in serving seniors in the Phoenix region in Arizona. Our home is the runner up for the best managed assisted living Anthem home in Arizona.

Hair Concerns:

Dryness– We know that the hair changes with age but there are many products that can help restore its strength and shine which include hair masks or deep conditioners. A deep conditioner is made to go inside the hair to rebuild the proteins and add moisture whereas daily conditioners are meant to coat the hair. So, choose your conditioner as per your hair requirements.

Coloring– The task of hair coloring should be left in the hands of professionals. They have the required expertise and can recommend options such as tone change and different blending products including demi permanent color. Women can either keep their hair grey or can enhance it by adding a bit of color or can consider adding some highlights which can enhance the color and last up to several months. When it comes to men and hair color, they like to keep it to a minimum as they tend to feel a little hesitant in letting anyone know. Men tend to use a blended process to mix in the grey.

Thinning- Hair thinning is a concern for both men and women which can be treated before it becomes an issue. Hair thinning is mainly caused by buildup of product on the scalp which clogs the follicles. Hair thinning is common among people who use a lot of drug store products because they are not always full of the best ingredients. Using the right products is the best way to combat thinning hair.

Which one to prefer- Short or Long Hair? It is not necessary to cut hair short once we hit a certain age. Whether you go short or long it is best to go for a cut that has some softness rather than sharp lines in the style. For longer hair, one can easily tie it up into a knot which makes hair manageable. We shouldn’t force a style.

Invest a little more on your hair which can make it look good regardless of one’s age. Hair treatments can just include having the right shampoo for an individual or oiling for another.

Apart from hair treatments, a good diet and exercise can go a long way in keeping your locks looking lovely.

Senior Friendly Services at Anthem Senior Living includes

  1. Medical doctor on staff
  2. Registered Nurse on Staff
  3. Care ratio of 1 to 5
  4. Awake staff at night
  5. Safe, State Licensed Assisted Living Home
  6. 24 Hour Assistance provided by certified care giving staff
  7. Trained and experience in all levels of care
  8. Three delicious home-cooked meals prepared fresh daily
  9. Nutritious Snacks available throughout the day
  10. Daily housekeeping and Laundry Services
  11. Quarterly Care Plan prepared by facility RN
  12. Scheduled Entertainment, Events and Outings
  13. Complete Medication Management and Administration
  14. Transportation & Appointment Scheduling
  15. Manager on-call 24/7

Flexible visiting hours


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