Grandparents Day Celebrations and Senior Living Care in Phoenix

13 Sep 2018

Grandparents day has just gone by and you will totally agree with the fact that grandparents play a vital role is most families. There cannot be anyone more loving than a grandparent, he or she can be a confidante, a source of unconditional love, and a resource for learning and exploring. As per research, children who have a grandparent involved in their life in a positive way develop healthy attitudes about most things especially aging.

Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ celebrated Grandparents Day in a big way on September 9th joined by the family members of the senior residents. Anthem Senior Living is a senior living in Anthem care provider in the region. It is an award-winning facility which offers round the clock care and support to the senior residents. Our caregivers are compassionate and experienced.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Grandparents Day and honor them:

Organization of Picnic– There are no two ways about the fact of most cities and towns having a local park with picnic areas which includes some that are accessible for adults with mobility issues. You can book one for your family for them to enjoy an intergenerational picnic on Grandparents Day. If your senior family member lives in an assisted living facility, interact with the staff about picnic at the on-campus location.

Arrange for Movie Night– You can either rent or borrow a movie projector and showcase a movie against the side of the house or on a white sheet strung between two trees in the back yard. Do keep the important items in place like blankets for the kids and camping or folding chairs for the senior adults. Watching a movie together is a great way that can help to bond.

Home Maintenance– It can be immense fun in handling home repairs and maintenance projects at your senior loved one’s home when done together. Ask your parent to create a list of things that they need help with which will help you to line up the supplies ahead of time.

A Talent Show– Organize a family talent show for everyone in the family in order for them to showcase their unique talent even if it’s just a willingness to make fun of themselves on stage. Members who stay faraway can also record their talent which you can play for your senior loved ones. Reward the winning family members with prizes.

Family Tree Project– As a person ages, people mostly reflect back on their lives and especially families which piques their interest in researching their family tree in more detail or in documenting what they know about their family for future generations. You can easily get started with by going through any of the genealogy websites.

Look for creative ways to honor your senior family member if they are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your senior family members are suffering from memory problems or mobility issues, look no further than booking a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living.

Our levels of care offered include long term care, elder care, dementia & memory care, Alzheimer’s care, Respite care and Parkinson’s.


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