Go for Mediterranean diet for Heart Health and Assisted Living in Phoenix

13 Sep 2018

Mediterranean Diet is believed to boost health in many ways especially heart health. The diet is mainly lauded for its emphasis on plant-based foods, healthy oils, and whole grains, this popular eating plan provides science-backed health benefits. Some of the benefits of having this diet includes better brain health, lowered risk of breast cancer in women and so forth. But the most important benefit that comes with following this diet is that it significantly reduces the risk of death for heart patients.

Heart disease leads to life-threatening emergencies like occurrence of a cardiac arrest or heart attack. Heart disease is also the leading cause of death in the United States which holds true for both men and women. But food prepared in the Mediterranean tradition supposedly delivers heart-healthy benefits which can be attributed to the fact that this diet asks to stick mostly to plant-based foods and whole grains. Before discussing the heart-health benefits of Mediterranean Diet, let us throw some light on assisted living care. If you have senior family members suffering from mobility or memory issues, they would require round-the-clock care and support which one can only achieve at an assisted living facility such as the award-winning Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ. You can expect for your senior loved one to achieve the highest level of assisted living Anthem care and support in the hands of our compassionate caregivers.

Mediterranean Diet is Good for Heart

Health Benefits– Eating Mediterranean-style is associated with significant reduction in the risk of death for patients with cardiovascular problems, as per researchers which means the benefits aren’t just preventative. People who already have heart problems may be able to improve their heart health. As per scientists, what distinguishes the Mediterranean diet from similar-sounding eating plans is the healthy oils in them.

Fewer Side-effects- The commonly prescribed drugs for lowering cholesterol are Statins which comes with side-effects. The side-effects are few and far between which is another benefit of Mediterranean diet. Moreover, most healthcare providers ask to go for a diet-driven approach to health over a drug-based treatment when possible.

Anti-inflammatory Effects– The foods that make up the Mediterranean diet, includes olive oil, oily fish, and nuts, that contain powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients. As per researchers, they are very powerful and researchers believe them to be more effective than statins in reducing death rates in cardiovascular patients.

Herbs and Spices Use– Another benefit of food prepared this way is the use of spices. Food is prepared with a wonderful variety of flavors which ranges from oregano and basil to fennel and rosemary. This not only makes the meals to taste delicious but also are in line with USDA’s MyPlate recommendations for healthy senior eating!

Cooking Mediterranean-Style is Very Easy– The Mediterranean diet offers a refreshingly simple cooking style as the recipes calls for simple ingredients that are very easy and simple to remember.

The bottom line is that it is only benefits that you will gain by going for Mediterranean-Style cooking.

At Anthem Senior Living, food is prepared by professional chefs as per personal tastes and requirements of every client. You can expect for your loved one to stay in good shape at all given times.

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