Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease For Senior People In Phoenix, AZ

27 Mar 2018

It is very important that there is awareness among people about the threatening Alzheimer’s disease which mostly affects senior people over 65 years of age. September 29 is Alzheimer’s Action Day, a day set aside to raise awareness about the disease that affects one in ten older adults. If you have a senior loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or if you see signs which is indicative of the onset of Alzheimer’s, without any further ado, just go for an assisted living facility for your parents or grandparents to get quality care and support. In the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can approach the award-winning Anthem Senior Living which comprises of some of the most compassionate and experienced caregivers. For a caregiver who provides daily care and support to a senior person, there are ways through which you can become a better advocate for a senior person which we are listing today:

Find Out About Treatments For Alzheimer’s Disease– As we all know that there is actually no cure for Alzheimer’s but there are ways to help manage the symptoms. A few actions can also be taken which can make a senior person’s days more pleasant. For the time being, medications for Alzheimer’s provide only modest benefits but scientists are working to develop better options.

Learn About The Best Way To Work With A Doctor– You should totally prepare yourself prior to a doctor’s visit which will help the senior person in getting the proper care that they need. Make a list of questions that you want to ask the doctor, notes about observations of the senior person’s behavior and also list of the medications that the person takes. Be attentive and listen carefully to the doctor which will help you in taking better care of the senior person assigned to you.

Understanding The Different Stages Of The Disease– There are basically two types of decline in people suffering from Alzheimer’s: cognitive and functional. It is important to understand the common symptoms that occur at each stage of the disease. You need to understand the behaviors of the senior people and learn ways to deal with them as the disease progresses.

Go For A Doctor Who Understands Dementia Care– In an assisted living facility, you are not required to think about it because it is only well-qualified doctors who pay visit to such places. But being a family caregiver, you need to find a doctor who understands the disease and are also well-versed in working with older adults. Being a primary caregiver, you need a healthcare professional or a doctor who returns phone calls, coordinates care effectively, and prescribes medications carefully.

Do Take Care Of Yourself- It is very important for you to be healthy in order to take good care of the senior person on your hand. Caring for a senior person with Alzheimer’s can be a taxing job that brings a unique mix of stressors which can affect your life badly. It can take a toll on your mental health and family relationships if you don’t take care of yourself first. Learn about the signs of caregiver burn out and train yourself to dealing with stressful situations.

At Anthem Senior Living, we have a lot of useful resources for all the family caregivers which can prove to be highly beneficial for the senior person that you are taking care of. For trusted information about Alzheimer’s disease or respite care, approach Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona.


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