Facebook Safety Tips for Senior People and Phoenix Senior Living Care

27 Feb 2019

In the year 2004, Facebook was launched with the objective to help students at Harvard connect with each other, which quickly spread across the country. Facebook usage is not only limited to adults with seniors continuing to be one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook. We all are aware of the advantages of social media- it helps to stay connected with friends and family members including people who live far away. At the same time, individuals should also be aware of the safety concerns especially senior people who might be ignorant about common scams on social media sites or ways to use privacy settings to protect their profile. Before discussing about potential Facebook scams and safety issues, here’s some valuable information on assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities or senior housing communities offer 24×7 support to senior residents suffering from memory or mobility issues. Such facilities comprise experienced and compassionate caregivers who are well-trained in providing assistance and support to the residents. If you belong to the Phoenix region in Arizona, don’t look beyond Anthem Senior Living in the region which is an award-winning assisted facility. Expect for your loved one to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

Read these Facebook safety tips which will help you find genuine friends, stay safe and maintain your online privacy.

Select and Set Strong Passwords- Creating strong passwords will enable you to keep your data secure online and stop your accounts from getting hacked. Use a combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks. Keep it simple so that it’s easy for you to remember without having to write them down. It’s wise to set strong passwords that you write down than easy-to-guess weak passwords. It’s also advisable that you have different passwords for different websites.

Using Facebook’s Privacy Settings- It is important that senior people familiarize themselves with the privacy settings. Make sure to go through Facebook’s instructions on how to update your settings as Facebook updates their privacy options frequently. It’s just a matter of a couple of minutes to change your privacy and account settings which means it not only saves time but also trouble in the future.

Older adults might not be aware of the number of scams out there on Facebook which makes them a frequent target. It is better that a senior is aware of how to use the privacy settings like the blocking feature and is advisable to only allow friends to see their posts.

Click Carefully- Although Facebook does a pretty good job of looking out for scams and viruses, but it is better not to click on suspicious links as no system is perfect. One needs to be smart, aware and should apply their good judgment which is the best way to stay safe on Facebook.

Select your Friends Wisely- Having a lot of friends on Facebook tend to validate us. At the same time, it is as difficult to make good judgments about someone we meet online than when we meet someone in person. You aren’t obligated to connect with everyone who sends you a friend request, especially if you hardly know them. Facebook provides a built-in way to limit who can send you friend requests which you can follow to restrict friend requests to only people who are friends of your friends. It’s also wise to look at your friend list once a year and remove anyone on your list that shouldn’t be there.

Don’t Overshare Information- We feel comfortable sharing our lives with strangers than someone we are familiar with. You still need to exercise caution with regards to who you share with. Facebook allows you to choose who can see your posts with there being several options that you can choose when deciding who can see a post like “public,” “friends,” “only me,” or “custom.” Check Facebook’s help section occasionally to know about what new options are available.

The signature programs at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix are designed to help residents to live with a sense of purpose. We offer classes to the residents to continue to learn and grow that often includes computer classes.

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