Dining at Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in AZ

07 Jun 2018

Age also brings with it a lot of issues with regards to health. Many senior people face mobility issues which makes it difficult for them in carrying out their day-to-day activities, many senior people suffer from memory issues and so forth. Such people would require assistance at all given times in order to live a normal life. The best thing to do in this regards is going for assisted living. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living which is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region. Our caregivers are friendly and compassionate who takes care of the residents at all given times.

At Anthem Senior Living, we provide small touches to the residents in order for them to feel at home and nothing does this better than a delicious home-cooked meal. Our dining program is designed to provide a unique experience that residents can enjoy and appreciate everyday. Mealtime not only provides social time for residents to gather and converse, but also becomes an opportunity for our teams to feed their souls by reinforcing each resident’s dignity and freedom of choice. We work tirelessly towards providing the best dining experience to our residents:

Nutritious and Fresh– All of our dishes are prepared from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Our menu features selections that are lower in sodium and fat, and high in fiber. The culinary team at Anthem Senior Living knows that many appreciate their old favorites, but for those that are more adventurous, the menu regularly offers exciting new options and flavors.

Resident-approved– In order to make a senior person’s dining experience as enjoyable as possible, everything from the daily menu to the table setting is designed with seniors’ preferences and wellness in mind. Our culinary team regularly consults with residents with regards to their feedbacks, recommendations and discusses their dietary preferences. Accordingly, the team tailors their menus to their residents’ voiced interests and favorites. Residents are also given the opportunity to offer their own family recipes.

Individual Needs Accommodated in the Best Possible Way– Age leads to decline in the taste buds and sense of smell, making it more difficult to taste our food. Thus, our culinary team selects ingredients and recipes that are the most flavorful and smell delicious. Our team is very much familiar with the different health challenges that seniors face, such as diabetes, and we work to provide residents meals that meet their specific dietary needs. For instance, if a client has difficulties chewing, our team preserves his or her dignity by cutting the food into smaller pieces behind closed doors in the kitchen and not in the dining room. Residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss are also provided high-quality meals.

Safe and Peaceful– Our team’s main goal is to make mealtimes as homelike as possible for the residents. Our team also keeps strict vigil on residents who show signs of difficulty chewing or swallowing and adjusts meals accordingly. All of this fosters a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere that encourages social interaction during mealtimes.

We have designed our dining program on the tenets of nutrition, individual choice and a homelike comfort. The dining room table kind of becomes a central place of gathering which involves conversations, talks about the day-to-day activities, news and stories.

To learn more, approach Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona.


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