Difference Between Dementia and Normal Forgetfulness From Assisted Living Experts In AZ

09 May 2018

Absent-mindedness or forgetting things occasionally is a part of everyday life which is why people have reminders on their smartphones or sticky notes on their refrigerators. With age, people might experience more frequent instances of memory loss, which can be a normal part of aging. It can be quite difficult in telling the difference on the part of aging adults if they are experiencing the symptoms of dementia and whether or not it is the proper time to consult a doctor. If you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or if you suddenly notice a few symptoms that are indicative of the onset of dementia, then it is time that you consider going for a senior living option. It is advisable to put your loved one in an assisted living facility where you can expect for your loved one to receive the best possible care and support. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can approach Anthem Senior Living which is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region.

Difference between dementia and normal forgetfulness:

A few age-related problems:

These problems can be frustrating but are not very serious. Forgetfulness basically comes with age and some of the memory-loss symptoms in older adults include:

Forgetfulness and Mental Issues- There are a few health conditions that could contribute to memory loss. For instance, people with depression are sometimes mistaken for having the symptoms of dementia. Constantly being worried about or obsessing over any recent tragedy can lead to forgetfulness of other topics.

Absentmindedness- Absentmindedness and transience are two conditions that are considered to be normal part of the aging process. Transience is when the brain forgets some memories over a period of time which could actually be a good thing because the brain is removing unused memories to make room for the new ones. Absentmindedness is quite similar. An example to cite in this regards, an individual might forget an appointment which can happen because the individual was not preoccupied with the thought of it.

Few Signs of Dementia:

Memory loss linked to dementia is quite advanced unlike the usual age-related forgetfulness. The issues might turn worse and may make it difficult for the patient to live on their own:

Change in Personality- There might be major changes in personality in people with dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. For instance, a senior in the middle stages of dementia could suddenly show aggressive behavior, paranoia or impulsiveness. This is also considered to be the hardest part of the disease for both the caregivers and family members to deal with. If the situation goes out of order, it is advisable to consider using respite care services.

Disorientation– The tendency to become disoriented in new surroundings is another common symptom of dementia. If a senior person with dementia moves to a location, the unfamiliar stimuli may induce a feeling of insecurity. Seniors with dementia are more likely to appear lost to onlookers, when disoriented.

Dementia and age-related memory loss are very different conditions, although some of the symptoms may be similar. Normal forgetfulness is often caused by lack of focus and is also not that serious whereas dementia gets worse with time. If you are not so sure about the symptoms, just consult your doctor.

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