Dark Chocolate as a Heart Healthy Food Choice and Assisted Living in Phoenix, AZ

11 Jul 2018

This blog is with regards to World Chocolate Day that is celebrated the world over on July 7th. It is very difficult to resist a tasty chocolate bar or a gooey dessert. As per rumors, chocolate is a guilt-free treat and is good for the heart. But, is it true? Is chocolate really a healthy food choice? Today we are going to dig into this to learn more.

But before that let us tell you a bit about the significance of an assisted facility for a senior person. If you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or if you notice onset of the signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, take proper measures in order to ensure their good health. It is advisable to go for a senior living facility for care and support for your loved one. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living where you can expect for your loved one to receive the highest level of Anthem assisted living care and support.

Read on to know more about the benefits of Chocolate:

When thinking about having a chocolate, it is advisable that you go for the healthier kind of chocolate, which is Dark Chocolate that benefits the heart in several ways. A few of the benefits include:

Manages Blood Pressure– The cocoa polyphenols found in dark chocolate helps in increasing blood flow among people with mild hypertension and also slightly lowering their blood pressure.

Manages Cholesterol– Dark chocolate promotes heart health by raising HDL, the “good” form of cholesterol, and also lowers the LDL, the “bad” type of cholesterol. All of this can be attributed to the polyphenols in cocoa powder and dark chocolate.

Inflammation Reduction– A variety of health conditions, especially heart disease causes chronic inflammation. As per a research, the healthy bacteria found in dark chocolate promotes good gut health that results in lower inflammation in the body and a lower risk for heart disease and stroke.

A few of the other benefits associated with the flavanols in dark chocolate include eyesight improvement, a short-term (about two or three hours) brain boost, and a small amount of sun protection.

But it is advisable that you should not consume large quantities of chocolate on a regular basis based on the afore-mentioned information. Dark chocolate should have at least 70 percent cocoa content and be low in sugar to provide health benefits.

Hope, we have been able to help you in raising your awareness about healthy food choices for heart health.

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