Cybercrimes Protection Tips for Seniors and Phoenix Assisted Living

01 Nov 2018

There are no two ways about the fact of increase in cybercrimes at an alarming rate which is making it very difficult for most people to find ways to protect private information online. Older adults are all the more vulnerable to cybercrimes and protecting them from becoming a victim of cybercrime is even more important. Before talking about the tips on protection against cybercrimes, let us throw some light on the valuable assisted living facilities.

A senior family member suffering from mobility or memory issues should be moved to an assisted facility for the best possible care and support. Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ has a long history in serving seniors. With unsurpassed expertise and the quality of love and service, our home is the runner up for the best managed assisted living Anthem home in Arizona.

Some of our senior friendly services are:

  1. Medical doctor on staff
  2. Registered Nurse on Staff
  3. Care ratio of 1 to 5
  4. Awake staff at night
  5. Scheduled Hydration
  6. Weekly Massage Therapy
  7. Weekly Hair and Nail services
  8. Weekly Bingo and Fresh flower shop
  9. Safe, State Licensed Assisted Living Home
  10. 24 Hour Assistance provided by certified care giving staff
  11. Trained and experience in all levels of care
  12. Three delicious home-cooked meals prepared fresh daily
  13. Nutritious Snacks available throughout the day
  14. Daily stretching exercises
  15. Daily scheduled activities, arts and crafts
  16. Daily housekeeping and Laundry Services
  17. Quarterly Care Plan prepared by facility RN
  18. Weekly Sunday Brunch welcoming resident Family & Friends
  19. Scheduled Entertainment, Events and Outings
  20. Complete Medication Management and Administration
  21. Transportation & Appointment Scheduling
  22. Manager on-call 24/7
  23. Flexible visiting hours

Protection against cybercrimes for senior people:

Be wary if emails those which have links to financial institutions– It’s very easy to fall for phishing emails as they tend to appear very realistic with some looking like as if they have come from your bank or credit union with a warning where you are asked to change your password. The email comes with a link that will redirect you to a site that closely mirrors your financial institution’s legitimate site. One more email scam involves criminals sending email posing as agencies and organizations which they mainly do to obtain the Social Security number so that they can misuse it in opening credit cards or applying for loans in your name.

Don’t fall for emails offering free things– You may come across emails that offer free vacations, prize money, or any other gifts. You’d most probably be tempted to respond to these which is what scammers want. But, be very careful to not click on links which may unleash a virus or take visitors to sites designed to collect personal information. It is better to delete these kinds of emails.

Your social media friends– Criminals try and make friends online through the social media channels. This is another avenue they use to dupe people. They might take the emotional recourse to gain your trust, to get you to send them money. It is advisable for senior people to only accept friend requests from people they know in real life.

Online Browsing Habits for Safety– One should have updated virus protection software on their computer. Do not enter contests and share personal email address on unfamiliar sites. The passwords should be strong enough on all the online accounts.

  1. Don’t make the password easy to guess.
  2. The password should be 8 characters and longer.
  3. Avoid using same password everywhere.

Older adults these days are not lagging behind youngsters in mastering technology. They know the potential of the online medium. The key is to do it safely. You can sign up your senior family member with a basic computer safety class as they can help in more ways than one in ensuring safety and security.

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