Connect with your Grandchildren through Sports and Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ

25 Jul 2018

We hear this term a lot these days- ‘generation gap’, it can be tough for several generations of a family to find things in common. Kids reaching their teen years, it can be awkward spending time together. The gap is all the more if families are separated by long distances and it is important to find meaningful ways to bond. As per research, these connections benefit both the younger and the senior generations. Having seniors involved in the lives help in developing healthy perceptions about aging among children. Likewise, the older generation enjoys a boost in spirit and mind when spending time with the younger generation. One way that can help in bridging the generation gap is through sports.

Before discussing about the benefits of sports, let us discuss a bit about the benefits of assisted living facilities. Assisted living facilities consist of experienced caregivers who provides round the clock assistance to the senior residents. If you have senior family members suffering from mobility or memory problems, it is best to put them in senior living care and support. You can contact Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ where you can expect for your loved one to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

Connecting over Sports:

Favorite Family Team– As we all know that in a family, everyone roots for the same team, going back multiple generations which gives elders an opportunity to introduce grandchildren to the sport thus helping them learning more about the history of the team.

A New Sport– There can be nothing more fun than for several generations of the family to adopt a brand-new sport and team. Just think beyond the main four American professional sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, and football) and consider options like a European soccer league, college lacrosse, women’s tennis, or underwater hockey. ‘Quidditch’, which started as a fictional sport in the Harry Potter series, is a new sport that might capture a child’s imagination.

Social Media– Sports stars often host Facebook Live events, respond to fan comments, and share insight into their lives beyond their sport via social media which means connecting with sports teams online can be entertaining. A very good way that can lead to a good bond among generations is by teaching a grandparent how to safely use social media channels.

Visiting In-person– You can plan a vacation together if the teams you chose to adopt aren’t close by. Fan clubs often host events. You can also consider going for a practice or exhibition game.

Other Intergenerational Activities:

Cooking Lessons– Cook family recipes together after picking a few. Video chat cooking lessons can be an option for long distance families although an adult should be present to help the youngest family members.

Video Game Challenges– Technology has made everything easy these days, which is especially true when it comes to connecting people. Compete on video games no matter where they live. The younger generation can help the family elders get set up and rolling during their summer and holiday visits.

The intergenerational activities are a popular part of the life-enrichment programs at Anthem Senior Living.

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