Common Myths Associated With Assisted Living Facilities In Phoenix, AZ

30 Nov 2017
Anthem assisted living

Assisted living facilities have gained a lot of popularity lately which can mainly be attributed to the high level care and assistance provided by the caregivers at such facilities. If you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or memory problems such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s then it is best to consider going for assisted living facilities in order for their well-being. If you are a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona then go for the award-winning Anthem Senior Living where you can choose from some of the well-furnished suites for your loved one. Over here you can expect for your loved one to receive the highest level of Anthem assisted living care in the hands of the compassionate caregivers. Many people have wrong notions or myths about assisted living facilities which discourages them from going ahead with this option, today we are going to be busting these myths:

Myth: “Assisted Living Facility” is actually a new term to describe nursing homes

This is absolutely wrong because assisted living facilities are relatively a new concept which has been designed to serve the needs of the senior people of the changing society which enables an elderly person to live longer and stay happy and independently. In USA, adults commonly juggle two-career households where one the one hand they raise their children while on the other they try to meet the needs of their aging parents which poses a lot of difficulty for them. In order to cater to the needs of such people, assisted facilities have come to the fore where round the clock assistance is provided to a senior person with their each and every need taken care of effectively. As a result, seniors get the chance to live independently in their own suites or apartments alongside indulging in a full calendar of activities with having the security of assistance at all times at the beck and call. The main focus of nursing homes is on skilled medical care whereas assisted facilities promote independent living as much as possible.

Myth: Assisted Facilities Do Not Accept Seniors In Wheelchairs

In assisted facilities, independence in mobility is usually encouraged among residents but at the same time wheelchair-bound residents are as well accepted where caregivers would always assist them in every possible way such as in moving around comfortably, moving from bed/chair to wheelchair and vice-versa. Senior people who experience urinary or bowel incontinence are also accepted as long as their condition is manageable with a toileting schedule.

It is only benefits that a senior person can expect to receive at an assisted care facility and nothing else. So get in touch with Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix and book a suite for your loved one. The suites come at affordable rates.


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