Checklist for Conducting a Bathroom Safety Audit for Senior and Phoenix Assisted Living

07 Mar 2019

Adult children tend to worry about safety when a senior loved one lives alone. When it comes to injuries among older adults, falls are a leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal ones. Bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house for senior people as older adults tend to experience more falls here than any other room in the house. Senior safety can be improved with some simple precautions around the house. Identifying problem areas of the home can help you to easily determine whether modifications are necessary to make to keep one’s senior loved one safer or if a move to an assisted living facility is the best way forward.

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Bathroom Safety Checklist for Senior People:

  1. There should be nightlights in hallways and spaces surrounding washrooms to prevent falls if a senior thinks about using the bathroom during night.
  2. The doorway should be wide enough for an older adult to access the bathroom in a wheelchair or walker.
  3. There should be a step-free shower as stepping over the side of a tub increases the risk for falls.
  4. The shower door in your senior loved one’s bathroom should be made of glass or plastic so that they remain safe in case they fall against it. Also, the shower should have a non-slip surface. You from your end also can lower the odds of your loved one slipping or falling by adding floor mats or nonskid appliques.
  5. To prevent your bathroom floors from being slippery, install nonskid vinyl, cork or bamboo as they receive higher safety ratings than tile.
  6. A bath bench or chair can help keep your senior loved one safe in the shower. Also, the showerhead should be easily accessible especially from a seated position.
  7. The switches for the bathroom lights should be easily accessible in the dark. Remember, lighting plays a key role in preventing falls throughout the house.
  8. Your senior loved one may be suffering from arthritis or may have decreased hand strength- it is important for you to ensure that the doorknobs, shower handles, and faucets are easy to use.
  9. When it comes to setting the water heater temperature, experts recommend 120 degrees to be the best for preventing heat-related injuries to an older adult.
  10. Another easy and inexpensive safety solution is a raised toilet seat with grab bars especially if your loved one finds it difficult getting on and off the toilet independently. Place grab bars in your washroom in areas where they are most needed like near the shower or toilet to help with balance.
  11. Having GFCI outlets in your washroom can help prevent electrical shocks.
  12. Frequently used items like towels, washcloths, toiletries should be within easy reach.

There should be an emergency alert pendant if your senior loved one faces balance issues or takes a medication that leads to dizziness, so that they are easily able to call for help in case they fall.

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