Book Club Benefits for Senior People and Senior Care in Phoenix

20 Dec 2018

Everyone can gain immense benefits from reading with the benefits being the most for senior people or during the retirement years. Some of the benefits includes

Cognitive Health Protection– Reading is considered to be the best exercise for the brain which gives the brain the workout it needs thus protecting memory, maintaining reasoning as well as analytical skills.

Encourages better Sleep– It is always advisable to turn off televisions and electronics when preparing to sleep but unwinding is as much important. There cannot be anything better than reading in this regard. Going through a good book can prove to be a stress-reliever and drift off an individual to sleep.

Prevents Alzheimer’s– As per Alzheimer’s researchers, reading can help prevent or delay the development of the disease.

Just capitalize on the health benefits of reading by joining a book club. Joining a book club also gives chance to socialize with others thus helping to avoid the health risks associated with isolation, such as high blood pressure and depression.

If your senior loved one is suffering from memory issues, it is best to move them in an assisted facility such as the award-winning Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ. Your loved one will receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support in the hands of our compassionate and experienced caregivers. Expect for your beloved to benefit from our valuable memory care programs over here.

Benefits of joining a book club:

Connect with People– It is basically the social benefits of book clubs that are perhaps the most important for seniors. Book clubs gives the opportunity to socialize and connect with like-minded people. Having a common interest is the perfect ice breaker and helps spark conversations leading to new friendships.

Recalling Fond Memories– People, as they age tend to think about their earlier years and the fond memories that they hold and reading books can bring them even more back into those times.

Inspiration for other hobbies– There is a very strong connection between reading and writing. Reading books can spark interest for seniors in other hobbies and interests and may make them remember skills and talents from their past which can prove to be highly beneficial.

Escapade– Reading can help in getting away from the more mundane aspects of everyday life. For seniors, books can provide them with an escape and a way of daydreaming. Reading can help in bringing a sense of adventure back to their lives and can be a great way to express themselves.

Beyond the Books– A book club apart from providing a chance to discuss about a book with others, also makes it possible for older adults to look forward to something for the rest of the week which means book clubs keep on going after the group meeting is over.

Social Aspect– Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences with one another which means they are contributing to a conversation not just sitting back. Sharing thoughts, speaking in public, etc. can establish lifelong friendships.

Last, but not the least, book clubs give the chance to really contribute to the community which might not be directly through teaching or building something, but through sharing of knowledge and encouraging others to do the same.

Book clubs are just one of the many activities that happen at Anthem Senior Living on a regular basis. Book a suite today and gain the benefits.


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