Best Winter Activities for Health and Phoenix Assisted Care for Seniors

13 Feb 2019

It becomes difficult for people to stay in shape during the winter months which leads to unnecessary weight gain which increases the health risk for an individual. With the influx of parties and gathering in the holiday season, it is important to balance the savory splendor with healthy choices and exercise. Gym membership isn’t necessary to stay in shape, just take advantage of all the fun activities the season offers.

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Winter activities for health:

Go shopping with your pals– Although you are well past Christmas and New Year’s, you don’t need a reason to go out shopping with your friends. Shopping provides an opportunity to melt calories. As per studies, walking at 3.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes can burn between 120 and 178 calories. Not only walking, shopping also gives the chance to climbing stairs and other such physical activities.

Curling– Curling is a low-impact sport which is the winter version of shuffleboard. Just slide stones across a sheet of ice toward your target and burn upwards of 265 calories in an hour.

Sledding– Incorporating intergenerational activities can prove to be fun. Ask your family members to accompany you to the local sledding hill. This activity which involves walking combined with the steering and balancing in getting down the hill can burn up to 362 calories in an hour.

Build a Snowman– Enlist the help of your grandchildren in building a snowman. Heading outdoors to build a snowman is not only a very entertaining activity for the kids but it also makes for a beneficial workout where you can burn anywhere between 200 to 400 calories based on the amount of effort you put into it.

There are no two ways about physical activity fostering normal growth and development, reducing the risk of various chronic diseases, and making people feel better, function better, and sleep better. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, older adults should dedicate at least 150 minutes to moderately-intense aerobic activity every week. See the results for yourself after incorporating any of the above-mentioned winter activities into your daily routine.

Apart from these, some other activities an older adult can safely enjoy throughout the winter season include:

Dancing– This is one of the most powerful forms of exercises that keeps both the brain and the body in good health. Dancing helps in improving posture, boosts energy, provides a sense of achievement thus increasing happiness. A clear spot on the floor and good music is what are required.

Walking- This is the most natural form of exercise which doesn’t necessitate any additional equipment. Just find an indoor spot where you can walk in the winters although walking outdoors is mostly recommended. You can walk indoors in a mall, at a community center, an indoor walking track, etc. It is advisable to wear good, sturdy shoes and always stay in well-lit areas, and/or go with a friend if possible.

Swimming– Swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round which helps improve balance, endurance, flexibility and strength.

Regardless of the exercise you choose, remember to exercise with a friend, have fun while exercising, always respect your limits and stay hydrated.

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