Benefits of Staying Socially Active for Older Adults and Assisted Care in Phoenix

03 May 2019

We humans are social creatures, howmuchever we try not to, we are drawn to associate with other people and form close bonds with the hope of them to last long. Aging somehow causes a shrink in our social circles. Retirees, after leaving the working world find that they have less or hardly have face to face interactions with others, especially if they live on their own (without anyone). Loneliness and social isolation over a period of time can negatively impact our mental and physical health and well-being. But the good thing is there are many ways that can help prevent social isolation and can enable you in reaping the benefits of strong social associations.

Moving to an assisted living facility like Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ is one of the best ways for seniors to stay socially active and engaged as today’s senior living communities offer a wide range of social, recreational and volunteer opportunities to help residents ward off boredom and isolation and create lifelong friendships. Anthem Senior Living is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the region.

Regardless of your age, few reasons for you to stay socially active are as follows:

Ward Off Boredom– All of us feel bored from time to time, which is very common for new retirees without the responsibilities of a full-time job. You should take immediate measures as chronic boredom over time can have harmful effects and may also trigger feelings of depression and anxiety. Socialization is one of the best ways to fight boredom.

Ensure a Long and Healthy Life– Connecting with friends and family can reverse the negative effects of loneliness and isolation that are known to be connected with poor mental and physical health for people of all ages. Socialization motivates us to be socially active too. Apart from that, staying surrounded by people helps boost immune systems with positive social engagements helping in lifting mood. A strong social support behind you can lead to longer lifespans.

Brain Health Improvement– According to research, lack of social connection is linked to poor cognitive performance alongside progressive memory conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. On the contrary, people who are more socially active have a slower rate of age-related cognitive decline. Social engagement positively impacts brain health which may be due to inherent relation of social activities to other activities known to benefit brain health such as exercising, playing mentally stimulating games, etc.

Gain a Sense of Acceptance– A greater well-being, welfare throughout every stage of life is what meaningful social activity ensures. Spending loads of time with near and dear ones contributes to happiness, confidence, dignity and quality of life. Again, a strong sense of social support tends to give feeling of acceptance and purpose that helps to effectively cope with every stress and challenges thrown at us by life.

The best ways to grow your social network is by joining a club which can be a fun way to stay active and form friendships, trying something new and exciting like wanting to learn something or taking up an artistic activity (hobbies allow to stay mentally active), and looking for volunteer opportunities that can provide you a sense of purpose and social connectedness.


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