Benefits of Music for Older Adults and Phoenix Senior Living Care

03 May 2019

All of us are aware of music’s ability to bring cheer, evoke emotions and most importantly provide comfort. People have benefitted from music therapy for years now that involves using musical interventions to address physical, emotional and cognitive issues in people of all ages. Music therapy programs are offered in many assisted facilities to help older adults deal with age-related issues like depression, general stress, memory impairment, chronic pain, etc. effectively. Music can be a means of reminiscing for seniors who’ve dementia or other memory problem. Additionally, music can lessen dementia-related stress, agitation and even depression when used appropriately.

If you have senior loved ones suffering from mobility or memory problems, they would always require assisted care. The best option is to go for assisted living facilities such as the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ. Expect for your senior family members to receive the best form of senior living in Anthem care and support.

Some of the top benefits of music therapy for seniors include

Speech and Cognitive Skills Improvement– Music therapy can play a key role in slowing the decline of speech skills in dementia patients, so the therapy is often used in memory care treatment. Singing and humming, in some instances, can inspire individuals who only communicate nonverbally. It also improves cognitive ability in older adults. According to researchers, rhythmic music stimulates certain areas of the brain that increases blood flow thus improving seniors’ performance on cognitive tests.

Reduces Stress– Small amounts of stress are a part and parcel of everyday life but some senior people tend to experience overwhelming stress and tension. Listening to music slows heart rates and reduces levels of the stress hormone “cortisol” thus helping people dealing with stress and anxiety efficiently.

Encourages Movement- Although tapping a foot or clapping hands are minimal movements but they are enough to release pent-up mental and physical stress thus invariably bringing little joy into the room. Moreover, dancing to music is a wonderful and fun way to exercise. Regardless of the physical activity that a senior finds comfortable to perform, pair it with a musical motivator. Most older adults will be motivated to activity on some level.

Socialization– Music leads to bonding as in music therapy programs, seniors are encouraged to communicate and connect with other members of their group, often striking new friendships in the process which can help them alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Positive Memories– Seniors are quite aware of the fact that music speaks to emotions which can rekindle positive memories by shifting negative thinking patterns. Hearing music is a stimulus that can start forming a more positive thinking cycle by shifting one’s negative thinking pattern.

Soothes Nervousness– Nervous seniors can benefit immensely from music. Choose slow and peaceful music, something that evokes sense of beauty and well-being. Music therapy is a good vitamin for a fragile nervous system that requires delicate sensitivity to avoid overload.

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