Affect of Sedentary Lifestyle on Seniors and Assisted Living in Phoenix

14 Dec 2018

There are no two ways about the fact that lack of physical activity does not only mean losing on health benefits but also more likely endangers health. Most people these days tend to live a sedentary life which includes binging on junk food and no form of physical activity which can be detrimental for health. Inactivity tends to become even more of a problem as we age. It is true that older adults are more prone to inactivity whereas some of the benefits of physical activity include it keeps the joints active, keeps diseases especially heart disease at bay.

Prior to going any further, let’s discuss about the benefits of assisted living facilities. Older adults suffering from mobility issues or memory issues would require assistance at all given times to lead a stable life which one can only achieve in an assisted living facility. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, take a tour of the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living. It is an award-winning Anthem assisted living facility in the region which consists of some of the most compassionate and experienced caregivers.

As we have already said that aging tends to make individuals inactive, it is true to some extent as it can sometimes be a challenge for older adults to exercise which can be attributed to age-related symptoms and chronic health conditions.

Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle:

Difficulty in carrying out daily activities– The body starts to lose lean muscle tissue when the body doesn’t get adequate exercise which leads to difficulty in carrying out the day-to-day activities like washing, dressing up, bathing, etc.

Depression- Exercise tend to lift moods. For senior people prone to depression, incorporating some form of physical activity becomes all the more important.

Risk for Heart Disease Increases– More than smoking, sedentary lifestyle is actually worse for some people which highly increases the risk for heart disease. As per research, physical inactivity does far more damage to the heart than smoking.

Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Increases– The body doesn’t properly process sugar without any form of exercise after a meal thus increasing the risk of high blood glucose level which is known to be a precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

Faster Bone Loss– Seniors are more susceptible to experiencing bone loss and a sedentary lifestyle just adds to that. Promote bone growth by staying super active especially with strength promoting activities.

Find some form of physical activity for yourself and perform that on a regular basis to ensure good health. Being a family member, you can look for ways to add more movement to the day of your senior loved one. It is very important to talk to their doctor first prior to starting off with any physical routine.

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