Advantages of Plant Based Diet for Seniors and Anthem Senior Living in AZ

06 Jun 2018

There is no doubt about the fact that plant-based diets are very much popular among the younger generation which is increasing as well with each passing day. This can be attributed to a few reasons ranging from concerns about animal cruelty to a desire to live a healthier lifestyle. More and more young adults are eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from their diet. There is another group which has also begun to explore health benefits of a plant-based diet and here we are talking about the older adults. This is mainly because of the growing amount of research that shows that a plant-based diet might be the key to living a longer and healthier life. Last month was Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month and because of that we are listing a few advantages of plant-based diet for senior people.

If you have senior family members who are suffering from mobility issues or memory problems like Alzheimer’s or dementia, it means they would require assistance at every given time which can only be possible through assisted living. Being a resident of the Phoenix region in Arizona, you can book a suite at the award-winning Anthem Senior Living which consists of some of the most experienced and compassionate caregivers.

Read on to know about the benefits of plant-based diet:

Age also increases the risk for heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. As per research, diet plays a huge role in the risk for developing these or other chronic health conditions. A plant-based diet can be of huge advantage for you:

Skin Health Improvement– People who follow a plant-based diet on a regular basis not only report feeling better, but looking better, too which can be attributed to the fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of these help to reduce inflammation and improve collagen synthesis in the skin which leads to a younger-looking skin.

Telomeres Activity Improvement- Telomerase is basically the enzyme that rebuilds the caps at the end of our DNA strands known as telomeres and a plant-based diet helps in increasing the production of this enzyme. These caps shorten with age and are very much necessary for human life. A plant-based diet can significantly increase telomeres thus helping in slowing the aging process.

When shifting to a plant-based diet, seniors should take a few factors into consideration like:

Protein– Muscle mass starts to decline in the body as early as our 30s and protein consumption plays an important role in maintaining healthy muscle mass. It is important that you replace protein-rich meat and diary with plant-based foods that are high in protein like legumes, nuts and seeds.

Vitamin B12- With age, our bodies don’t absorb vitamin B12 as well which is an essential vitamin that keeps the nerve and blood cells healthy. This vitamin is mainly found in animal products which means moving to a plant-based diet can make it more difficult for one to obtain this vitamin. So, it is advisable that one talks with their physician in this regards.

Calcium- This is an important nutrient that can prevent osteoporosis, a condition that is linked to broken bones and fractures and is more common with age. You will have to find ways to work calcium-rich vegetables like kale, turnips, collard greens, broccoli, and spinach into your daily menus if you are thinking about eliminating diary (a common source of protein in more or less every diet).

For more information like these or to book a suite at an assisted living facility, get in touch with Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix region in Arizona.


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